Steve Jobs Success Story - 2 CENTS TO $1T ENTREPRENEUR

Steve Jobs Co-Founded Apple with his Friend, was fired from Apple in 1985, launched NeXT and Pixar studios, and returned to Apple in 1997. Read the story of decade’s most influential man.

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Steve Jobs Success Story : The Design Master who Built Apple

Steve Jobs was an American businessman and CEO & co-founder of Apple, chairman of Pixar, member of the Disney company’s board of directors, founder, and CEO of NeXT, and is also recognized as the pioneer of the computer revolution.

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to Me.”
was one of the greatest quotes that Steve Jobs wrote

This is the story of a man who once had no place to stay, to the entrepreneur of a trillion-dollar company. The man we know but the story we don't know.

Steve Jobs Success History

Steve Jobs was born on 24th February 1955 in San Francisco, California. His biological parents didn't want to keep the baby boy with them, so they decided to give him to a family who wanted to adopt a child.

The family that wanted to adopt Steve changed their mind and adopted a baby girl. Later he was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs who were not financially strong but they decided to do as much as they can for the baby.

After 17 years, Steve took admission to an expensive university where his parents' all savings were spent on his education. When he realized that his parents won't be able to pay his fees, he dropped out of college. It was a very difficult decision for him but when he observed the situation; it was the best decision for him.

When he dropped out of college, he started taking classes of his interest. Later a point came in his life where he had no place to stay and he even had no money to buy food, he used to sleep on the floor of his friends' room and sell used cold drinks bottles to buy the food.

Every Sunday he used to walk for 11 km to a temple so that he can get food. In his free time, he used to think of his biological parents that why they left him for adoption and he used to get frustrated thinking this.

In 1973, he came to India with the help of his friend for 3 months. There he was fascinated by a priest and when he returned he used to keep the picture of the priest in his pocket, it used to give him mental peace end show him a way of life later, he found interest in calligraphy and he learned it very well.

After 10 years, with the help of his calligraphy skills, he designed MAC. It was the world’s first computer for typography. If he would not have dropped the college, he would not be able to design MAC.

Road to Success – Steve Jobs

At the age of 20, Jobs along with his friend Steve Wozniak started Apple, and within 10 years Apple became a2 billion-dollar company. Looking forward to the growth of the company, Steve decided to appoint John Scully as the CEO of Apple. Everything went smooth for a year but a point came where Steve's and John's ideas clashed and at the age of 30 Jobs was fired from his own company which he had established.

After getting fired from Apple, Steve was very much disturbed but then he realized that he had developed arrogance by the success of Apple and he was trying to put down a bigger businessman than him.

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to Me.” – Steve Jobs

Later, he got very much creative and founded 2 more companies NeXT and PIXAR. PIXAR became the first company to make the world's first animated movie Toy Story. Later both the companies were taken over by Apple and Steve now returned to Apple.

After that Steve used to get ill very frequently, when he went to doctors they told him that he has developed cancer send he can live between 3 to 6 months. He was very much disappointed hearing this, when he went to the doctor for his check-up, they found that he has pancreatic cancer which can be cured by surgery. He now saw a ray of hope.

On 29 June 2007, for the very first time, Apple launched the iPhone which changed the whole smartphone world and took it to the next generation. After the success of the iPhone, Jobs took Apple to a height where every company wants to be. Then, after he builds strategies, launched new generations of the iPhones, got drastic changes to Apple, etc.

Then at the age of 56, on 5th October 2011, Steve Jobs shut his eyes for the last time and left for heavenly abode.

Final Words on Design Legend – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Co-Founded Apple with his Friend in 1975, later he was fired from Apple in 1985, launched NeXT and Pixar studios, and returned to Apple in 1997.

Steve Jobs was an influential man who learned from his mistakes and gained knowledge and maturity from them.

He was an unconventional entrepreneur who led Apple to the most valuable company in the world. Jobs was a true mentor and one of the greatest leaders.

Leaves behind his legacy untouched and unchallenged.

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