7 Crucial Healthy Habits Everyone Should Follow

7 Must-Follow Healthy Habits to Adopt for Everyone

By Ava Smith Apr 14 2021 12:12PM 2064 Read
7 Must-Follow Healthy Habits to Adopt for Everyone

In today’s highly hasty life, where everything is at stake and has to be taken care of, we take our bodies for granted. But as rightly said, “Respect your body; it's the only one you get", one should always keep their health and fitness on top of the sequence. All of us must aim to achieve wholesome health. In today’s world, we all have a more or less stressful lifestyle and a lot of hustle and bustle and to keep going with it all, we need a healthy mind and good concentration, which can only be attained through a healthy and fit body.

The term fitness is very often associated with body shape and weight, but the fact is that it is immeasurably more than that. The word includes all aspects of health and life and is just a part of good health.

7 Fundamental Healthy Habits to Adopt Physical Activity:

Exercising daily is one of the sure-shot ways to stay healthy. It helps us to maintain normal blood pressure, boost mood, control appetite, and prevent insomnia, mood swings, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, etc.

For adults at least one hour of aerobics exercise, like a brisk walk, or some amount of vigorous exercise, like running, and some amount of strength training is imperative.

No Cheat Day:

“Fitness is like a relationship you can’t cheat, and expect it to work". We sometimes end up making excuses for ourselves and avoid exercising. Instead of cheating on it, try to make it more doable.

Think it like this way – When you cheat meals a day, you suffer double losses; one from the exercise loss and the other negative effect from cheating meals. Now that one pizza would push you seven days back in your workout.

It Starts from your Plate:

You are what you eat, eat well – balanced diet. Eating healthy and nutrient-rich food fills your body with energy, nutrients, and antioxidants.

There’s an old saying that fitness depends 70% on diet and 30% on exercise. So, even if you lift a lot but miss your diet plans, nothing’s going to happen.

Food Time Matters:

It is very important to have your meals on accurate time. One must avoid taking a heavy dinner and finishing all your meals before 7 is considered excellent.

Emphasis on food timing is important as our digestion power is determined by the day timing. It is at its best in the afternoon, followed by morning, and least in the night. Therefore, eat heavy lunch, a mild breakfast, and light dinner to be healthiest.

Eating Right Amount:

Most people generally make the mistake of skipping meals or doing excessive exercises to lose weight. Fasting, eating medicines, or a cup of soup won’t help you stay fit. It will merely slow down your metabolism and would lead to tiredness and eventually more weight gain. Eating right means eating green leafy vegetables, a proper quantity of vitamins, proteins, and fiber should be taken.

Sleep is the Best Meditation:

A sound sleep of 7-8 hours a day is a mandatory part of a healthy lifestyle. Our mind too needs a break from the stress it bears throughout the day.

Whatever Happens would Happen:

Stress and depression lead to physical fatigue, irritability, and lack of concentration which can distract from our daily routine and mess up everything. Chronic stress hurts the ability to regulate the cortisol hormone which influences your metabolism, immunity, sleep rhythm, etc.

Stress will make you feel tired which can consequently lead to a lack of exercise and increases the craving for sugary and fatty food.

Rounding Up

There are some other factors too that can affect the health and fitness of an individual which involves, environmental conditions, in which the person is residing, genetics of a person, employment conditions, quality of your relationship, the behavior you chose, and a lot more. When we talk about health and fitness we are discussing a holistic concept.

Though some of the factors are not in our control but can be countered by some other measures suggested above. Though, staying healthy demands effort and hard work but it's your body and you have to live in it.

In short and sweet, we can conclude it by quoting Nhat Hanh

“When it comes to health and well being, regular exercise is about as close to a magic potion as you can get"~ Nhat Hanh

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