Top 12 Cooling foods to beat the summer heat

Top Cooling Foods to Eat this Summer: 12 Points

By Sameera Redkar Apr 14 2021 1:02PM 2641 Read
Top Cooling Foods to Eat this Summer: 12 Points

In March 2021, Delhi, the Capital of India, recorded the highest temperature in decades. The temperature went as high as 40.1° Celsius marking it as the hottest day in March since 1945. Scientists have even warned about a potentially deadly heatwave lingering over the South Asian Continent. This heatwave is linked with the world crisis of 'global warming' which is warming up the Arctic ocean. Extreme heat lowers the energy levels in our bodies and also makes us feel dehydrated. (Just a friendly reminder to drink water).

Apart from this, several other factors cause a rise in the temperature of our body. These factors are listed as follows:

  • Having inflammatory illnesses such as infection can lead to fever and shoot up the body temperature.
  • Consuming caffeine and alcohol
  • Eating spicy, oily, or fried food
  • Performing intensive physical exercise
  • Eating nuts like walnuts, almonds, and other protein foods like meat and fish.

So what's the solution? Giving up eating mangoes during summer because they increase the heat in our body? No, of course not. Instead, you can add the following food items into your diet, to beat the summer heat.

12 Best Cooling Foods to Reduce Body Heat
  • Watermelon: Watermelon is delicious and packed with nutrients. It is also very refreshing. The fruit is 92% water. As drinking water is essential to keep your body hydrated, watermelon helps you to do that as it has high water content. Apart from being hydrating, it is loaded with other nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, and Magnesium. Eating a watermelon, after a long day of work during summer is like escaping the heat.
  • Cucumber: Another food that helps you beat the heat is cucumber. Rich in fiber and high water content makes it extremely refreshing. Cucumbers are 96% water that helps you stay hydrated and can help you to meet your daily fluids need. It is very easy to add cucumbers to your diet by adding them into your sandwiches and salads.
  • Basil seeds: Popularly known as sabja seeds, they are widely found in the South Asian continent. These seeds are soaked in water before using them. They help to reduce the body's heat and also have a soothing effect on the stomach. They are termed as the powerhouse of minerals as they are a rich source of iron, magnesium, and calcium. One can use Basil seeds in lemonade, smoothies, or just have delicious falooda.
  • Coconut water: Drinking fresh coconut water can also help you to refresh and revitalize your body. This slightly sweet, subtle beverage is full of nutrients and low in calories. Consuming coconut water may also benefit your kidneys and heart. So during summers, ditch that bottle of coke and just have some coconut water.
  • Peppermint (Pudina): As the name suggests, Peppermint belongs to the mint family. It is an aromatic herb that has been used for thousands of years for its pleasant, minty taste and other benefits. The leaves of peppermint contain several essential oils. One of which is methanol. It is the methanol oil that gives peppermint its cooling properties. The herb is essentially used to improve energy levels and reduce daytime fatigue. The above-mentioned benefits make this herb a must to have in summers.
  • Buttermilk: Drinking chilled buttermilk during summers is a delight. It is a good source of protein and calcium and also contains nutrients like vitamins. Buttermilk is made by mixing curd and water. It contains 90% water and also potassium. This drink prevents dehydration and simultaneously maintains the water balance. Buttermilk is refreshing, and on top of that it quickly cools down our body.
  • Sugarcane juice: It is not readily available, but it is one of the best sources of instant energy. Sugarcane juice is loaded with abundant proteins and minerals. It is rich in antioxidants, that help our immune system, and it is a perfect drink to beat the summers. A glass of sugarcane juice topped with ice can help rebuild the depleting energy levels of our body.
  • Kiwis: Kiwis are small fruits with a sweet and tangy flavor. It is full of nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and potassium. They have a unique cooling effect and are hence classified as the best food to eat during summers.
  • Bananas: Bananas are extremely healthy and easy to add to your diet. Eating a banana helps you to feel full as it has resistant starch in it. Ripe bananas are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. On top of that, they are considered to be cool. They clear the intestinal heat, add moisture and eliminate toxins from oh body.
  • Citrus fruits: Sweet and brightly colored citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, a nutrient that strengthens our immune system. Oranges, lemons, lime, sweet lime, and grapefruits are low and in calories and they promote a cooling effect in our body. By breaking down fatty goods, they help in the process of digestion and subsequently reduce the amount of heat produced.
  • Green Beans: Full of Vitamin K, green beans help to promote healthy bones and strong muscles. One cup of green beans has 1.8g of proteins. These beans are surprisingly very hydrating. They are enriched with antioxidants and complex carbohydrates making I a low calorie, low-fat source of energy
  • Chilies: Yes, you read that right. Chilies are hot for your mouth but they have cooling effects. Chilies have capsaicin that sends a message to the brain that your body is overheated. This results in extreme sweat and eventually gives your body a cool in effect.
Rounding Up

Other than the above-mentioned food items, one must also intake more water. During summer, our body sweats a lot, and this eventually leads to dehydration. This makes it crucial for us to drink more than usual water to make sure that our brain functions properly and to avoid a severe headache. Water helps to regulate the internal body temperature and eliminates toxins from our body. So get your glass of water and stay hydrated ;)

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