8 Household Items to keep Yourself Fit at Home

8 Home Workout Exercises Amid Lockdown: With Household Items

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8 Home Workout Exercises Amid Lockdown: With Household Items

In this COVID-19 global pandemic, we all are stuck in our homes and unable to remain active while we do our work-from-home jobs. It has disturbed the entire lifestyle of every individual and made us more lethargic.

Amidst the lockdown, you can try out working out with the household items lying around you and keep yourself fit easily at home. If you are imagining how you can start working out at home, here are the household items you can use and make you every day better.

Create a Home Workout Gym Out of Common Household Items The Wall

You can tone your muscles by doing wall exercises at home. Remembering doing “back” exercise in your gym? You can still do your wall presses, pushUps, lunges, crunches, wall sit exercises, and bridges by taking the support of the wall and bring back the strength in your body.

Perform these exercises according to your level. These can help your body stay fit, increase your heart rate, improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle flexibility, and also burn a lot of calories that you munch on while you do your work.

Using Heavy Items as Weights

Tired of cooking and want some activeness? Stop your baking for some time and take a bag full of sugar or rice, put it in your back, and do some weight-lifting exercises.

You can also use eight ounces water bottle, each in one hand, and use it as weights. You can also use cans for your lightweight exercises. One can also go for a backpack and out some weights inside. You can use it as a heavyweight and wear it. Remember, try to take the amount you will be able to lift and not force yourself.

For deadlifts, you can also use your pile-up laundry bags and simply do your exercises.

All these exercises will help you to build your muscles, decreases the risk of injury, burn body fat and calories, strengthen your bones and joints, and increase the heart rate.

The Stairs

With the help of the stairs, run up-&-down in your building and do some cardio by bringing your body back into action. You can also carry some weights like water-filled bottles which would work as weight resistance. This simple exercise can benefit you massively.

It will help to burn your fats, build good abs, strengthen your lower body, and tone your butt, thighs, and calves. Also, you can lose some excessive fats from those belly and love handles and is the best for your lungs and cardiovascular system.

The Chair

Thinking of doing dips to be a problem at home? You can easily do it with the help of the chairs. Just place your hands properly at the corners of the seat of the chair, keep yourself in a steady position and do your dips.

Dips help you to strengthen the upper portion of the body. You should try to do 10 to 15 repetitions of this exercise per set.

Also, pushups now are advanced and you can try out something different. You can do incline pushups and decline pushups with the chair as well. It mainly works to build your chest muscles. Initially, you should go for ten incline push-ups.

The Paper Plates

There are too many leftover paper plates in your house after an occasion and thinking of how you can use them. If you are someone who works out, then you can try out lunges with it. Imagining how?

Stand on the floor and keep your one foot on the plate, slide that knee down backward and this would help you to do your lunges perfectly added with a difficulty level.

Lunges will help to strengthen your muscles and tone your body, especially your legs, core, and butt. Also, your range of motion and posture would bring a change.

The Rope

Ropes are generally found in every house and with the help of that, you can do your workouts at home itself. Go to your storeroom and fetch for around 8 feet rope. Tie one end of the rope with any sturdy object, a tree, or a pillar, and perform your workouts.

You can practice your squats or inverted rows with it and even, you can make two knots at the end of the rope and use it for TRX style planks by packing it under your feet. These exercises will help you to build muscle mass and keep you fit.

The Basketball

Apart from playing basketball, here’s another way you can use your basketball. You can try planks or pushups with the help of it. Initially, you can get yourself comfortable and place both your hands on the ball and keep your body firm. Then, slowly, do a pushup and get back to your position.

With these exercises, you can easily keep a check on the strength of your muscles and work on your body as well as play hard with your basketball. After all, fitness is what matters the most.

The Broom

Keep aside your brooming for some time and start working on yourself a bit. Take an oversize grip broom and start working out with it in front of your hips. In the backward, over your head, bring the bar of the broom and go down towards your glutes. Then start your repetition.

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