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10 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2021 & their Influence

By Aakarsh Arora Apr 13 2021 4:03PM 2392 Read
10 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2021 & their Influence

Social media has become a word without which we cannot imagine our life. The inextricable bond of social media with human beings is proof of the immense social media growth in recent times. The pace at which social media is progressing is unmatchable.

Well, the whole world has immersed itself into the world of content as social media is catering to our needs whether personal or professional. But, at the same time, addiction to social media is becoming a worrisome issue these days, particularly in young age groups.

The changing landscape of Social Media trends incites companies to adapt according to the environment. In the following article, we will have a look at some of the upcoming mesmerizing trends in the world of Content.

Top 5 Social Media Trends 2021 Short Duration content

With each passing day, people are becoming impatient in terms of watching long content. So, Instagram reels and TikTok have become immensely popular in recent years.

These applications present an opportunity to people to watch 15 seconds to 1 min long video which gives people a good amount of thrill. With new features added upon every update, the social media trend of short-duration reels is going to be there for a long period.

Today, popular brands are also resorting to reels and stories to promote their Products.

Emergence of Digital Shops:

The Internet has created a revolution in a way that every businessman, small to big, wants an online presence. Moreover, COVID-19 led to the closure of a lot of small retail businesses.

So, a lot of small retailers are creating their pages on Facebook and Instagram and promoting their products to reach a wider audience. With the strong link between Social Media and E-Commerce, this is going to be a strong strategy in the future.

Also, it has given a convenient shopping experience to social media users and wider choice to select the products.

Video Content is the King:

The most engaging form of content is video. Thanks to the advent of companies, like TikTok, people have started consuming more and more time watching entertainment videos to get dopamine.

Companies are going to advertise their products more in video form due to the escalating engagement rate.

Besides this, a lot of young content creators are getting viral on social media through their unique video content and this social media trend of making personal brand online is going to enhance in 2021.

Adoption of Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality is a form of technology that makes us see reality differently. It is still in its early stages as Instagram and Snapchat have some AR filters for the users.

The way people are getting obsessed over fun photo filters, now more and more social media platforms are going to use these photo and video filters by deploying augmented reality.

Live Stream will become popular:

Because of the corona virus pandemic, the whole world went into lockdown and everything was shut. From business meetings to education, everything happened on zoom calls.

The situation is not going to improve soon as it is giving the social media trend of live streaming a huge opportunity. Meetings can be done without leaving home, leading to a convenient job.

Besides this, Facebook saw a big rise in messages and live streams during the lockdown period.

Social Purpose-driven campaigns:

There is an enormous amount of entertaining social media trends going on every day but with its growing penetration now social media is going to be used heavily for social purposes.

Crowdfunding to support the treatment of poor people, raising a voice against women exploitation, or supporting environmental campaigns is some of the top purpose-driven campaigns at their nascent stages in the world of social media.

Chatbot Social Media communication:

A lot of people struggle with the service department of a product, so AI-powered chatbots are going to be the future to solve problems of people and give them quick solutions.

Every brand has its social media page & to solve the common queries of customers, companies put chatbots to discuss their issues with the customer. Moreover, it is going to be a revolutionary social media trend as it eliminates the need of face to face human communication.

Influencer Marketing will continue to surge:

Celebrities and famous content creators have made their brands on social media. Due to their mass appeal, brands rope in celebrities and models to endorse their products on Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Influencer marketing is going to soar in the coming future as social media is providing the opportunity to a talented person to influence the audience which resultantly attracts brands to sign a contract with them.

Influencer marketing is a very shrewd marketing channel adopted by brands which in return also gives vistas to influencers to monetize their content.

The Removal of Instagram Likes:

In recent times, Instagram was witnessing the negative impact of validation of content through Instagram likes. Users give more importance to likes than the quality of content and engagement rate.

In 2021, Instagram is planning to make the likes option private for users to change the criteria of validation of a particular piece of content.

Rise of online news portals:

Unfortunately these days, people are getting doubtful of news disseminated through TV channels, so it is witnessed that a lot of people are making their news pages on Instagram and Twitter.

With the growing penetration of the Internet and immense consumption of content, these news pages are going to be worthwhile as they would spread credible news to people especially youngsters to make them read the news every day.

Final words

We have discussed some emerging trends to look out for in 2021 which makes us realize the changing landscape of social media at a great pace. Users and businesses have to adapt to the changing conditions to leverage opportunities.

If the content is consumed positively, social media is presenting a platform for a better future.

The fascinating part is that the ever-changing social media trends never get us bored. These trends play an instrumental role in professional life like in our businesses. Social media has become the biggest marketing tool for every company.

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