How to Practice Self-Love: Top 5 Methods

5 Best Methods & Reasons to Follow

By Reva Jain Apr 8 2021 4:39PM 1972 Read
5 Best Methods & Reasons to Follow

What do you understand by the word, “Love”?

Is it a desire, need, or a feeling?

Well, it’s above everything; love is the feeling that binds us and gives meaning to our lives, and makes us live every moment.

When we love someone, we like to spend time & go crazy with them, and try to do everything for them. It is amazing to love someone or to be capable enough to receive the same feeling from them but to love them above ourselves is being ignorant towards our body, choices, and the way we are!

Self-love becomes a subjective concept sometimes. Some people understand it by narcissism, or hatred towards other people, or to be so much consumed and obsessed over ourselves that we don't give time to somebody else. But it's simply about understanding our own body, the way we think/feel about this world.

When we try to understand what we need, what makes us feel good; we become confident; confident enough to let go of other's opinions.

But the real question is, how can one love themselves? No worries, we have got you clear, here are things you can try to fall in love with yourself, cheers!

5 Top Ways to Self Love 1. BE CLEAR

When you are in a relationship, you try to be clear about what you want from it, and try to be as communicative as you can.

Same way when you want to love yourself be clear about the person you see yourself as and how you want to improve. Be honest and try to have a healthy conversation with yourself, don't over or underestimate your value, don't think that you are lesser than someone, try to understand that everyone has their journey and you will achieve good things.


Some people fall for a toxic person and cannot let go of them. They are so much obsessed that they take themselves for granted. Remember to set boundaries, to welcome only such people that can provide you with healthy space and helps you grow with them.

It can only be possible when you tell the universe that you deserve happiness, long-lasting friendships/relationships.

When you set an imaginary line between you and the other person, it's not a necessity that they would respect your decision, it can bring more complications that could make them walk away from your life but you have to remember that you no longer need those people who are there for you when you aren't there for yourself first. Don't let someone take you for granted that would make you feel more vulnerable and stressed. If you don’t like to do something then don’t do it. If you feel so occupied or under control of someone then end that bond.

It would be painful, it’s not easy to let go of someone but you have to do it to protect yourself and this is the highest form of love you can do for yourself.


What you do when your friend calls you and tells you that they weren't feeling well, would you try to listen to them properly and then make decisions or you will be pissed and avoid the conversation? The first one… right?

Same way, on some days when you feel tired, unproductive, or whatever, don't try to push yourself. Be there for yourself. Try to understand the reason you have been feeling this way. Cry, vent out to someone but don't feel that you have to feel good all the time.

Because the truth is, everyone has their ups and downs in life and humans are born to feel every emotion. Don't avoid your situation; try to do things that possibly make you happy or relaxed! Maybe, watch Netflix while eating your favorite food or go out and make yourself happy!


The most common mistake we end up doing is to take everything personally. “oh, I didn't get the promotion”, which means that I am not good enough.

“oh, that person is not talking to me”, means that I don't deserve to be happy or around people. We think that everyone is talking about themselves because we did an embarrassing thing but the truth is nobody cares and why would they?

There are 7 billion people on this earth and people would think about themselves rather than talking about us and even if they do, they will forget it. Trust me!

When you take things personally, you divert yourself from the real problem and think of yourself as a failure, which will not make things clear. Rather than doing this, talk to them. Try to know, why you haven't been promoted or the person is not talking rather than just assuming.


Whatever you are doing or planning to do, be mindful of that task. Be attentive to your actions, words and know where to properly utilize your time and energy. Pay close attention to things happening in life and stay focused, don't try to find an escape to it.

Showcase your creative side and do what moves you.

If you like to write, then write a love letter/poem for yourself.

Pause your busy life and think about yourself. How you were, how you have grown, what changes you have gone through, what was the difficult time in your life, and how you got out from it?

Why Everyone Should Try Self Love?

The reason why we should practice self-love is to know our worth, to be consistent doing things we love, and to push those people away who are toxic to us. Our body does so many things and as a result, we try to not notice it. Isn’t it the same as being loyal to someone who doesn’t even give a damn about you and blames you for everything? We put so much hate on the way we look, our height, skin color, and so on. Do you think sabotaging ourselves would give us confidence? Not!

Final Words

Self-love is not an easy journey; you will fall, have major breakdowns but please try to understand that love is never easy, it’s about committing to ourselves through thick and thin because if we can love people this way, why can’t we try to love ourselves this way?

You are beautiful the way you are and never let anyone tell you otherwise! Have faith, be courageous and come back stronger!

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