Best 20 Ways To Style Your Silk Scarf

Clothes & accessories are a girl’s best friend and Scarf’s is one of them. It can be styled in dozen of ways and top 20 of which are here.

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20 Easiest Yet Stylish Methods to Style Your Silk Scarf

In the recent trends, the new style of sophistication and the graphic plot is the prototypical silk scarf. Some could be styled like a bandana, some as a headscarf and there are several other ways in which you can style your scarf. To help you out to get the new look, here are few ways in which you can wear a silk scarf.

20 Best yet Easy Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf
  • The Head Scarf DigitalYug Take the scarf, preferably an oversized one and fold it diagonally, and then tie your scarf, marking your upper forehead over your head. With the two ends, you have to cross the two ends and then give it a knot at the back. Here’s how you can get the stud to look with your silk scarf.
  • The Girl Scout DigitalYug Wrap the silk scarf around your neck and loosely tie the two ends into a soft knot. Let it hang over your chest and complement your dress beautifully.
  • The Wrist Wrap DigitalYug Take the scarf and fold it into a triangle. Twist it and then wrap it around your wrist, making a small knot. Your hand will give a total brand new smarter look with your silk scarf.
  • The Bandeau Top DigitalYug Lay down your silk scarf and then fold it into a triangle. Then you have to fold the two corners of the scarf down into the middle and finally, fold it in half and you will get the ultimate final look.
  • The Choker Take the scarf and fold it diagonally. Then roll the scarf up and wrap it around your neck, taking the two ends of it behind. Secure it with a delicate knot below your chin, fix your silk scarf in any of the sides, and finally leave the ends hanging.
  • The Bag Accent Take the scarf and twist it around the handle of your bag. Tie the extended ends of it into a knot or a bow to give the silk scarf a dignified look.
  • The Bandana Tie your hair into a small bun or you can let the hair open. Take the silk scarf and fold it into a triangle. Then take it at the back of your head, securing the ends into a tight knot.
  • The Pony Tail Take the scarf and then fold it diagonally and then continue to fold it till it turns into a thin line. Wrap the scrap in your ponytail holder and make the silk scarf into a bow. You can thereafter use bobby pins in your ponytail to keep it secure.
  • The Front Knot Tie up your hair into a messy top bun. Take a rectangle silk scarf and fold it. Then, wrap it around your head and bring the two ends of it forward. Style the scarf by twisting or making a knot and adjust it by tucking it in.
  • The Hair Band Take a rectangular silk scarf and fold it into a long rectangle. Then tie it behind your head and put it under your head and your headband scarf is ready!
  • The Hair Braid Take the scarf and then tie it onto a strand of your hair on the backside. Then, braid your hair along with a silk scarf, and with the end, tie a knot securely to tie the braid. You are all ready to flaunt your braid.
  • The Bow Style Tie your hair into a messy bun and then wrap the scarf around your bun and take the ends of the silk scarf backward and secure it into a beautiful bow.
  • The Neck Style Take a silk short scarf and tie it around your neck. It will completely give out a cool vibe.
  • The Knotted Necklace Take a lightweight silk scarf and put it from the back of your neck. Tie a knot in the scarf which will eventually be continued by the other. Then, take the two ends and tie a knot. Turn around the scarf and put the bow end part at the back of your neck and the rest of the part lies in the front. This unique style will certainly be appreciated by all.
  • The Cowl Place the silk scarf around your neck and keep one end of it shorter than the other one. Then wrap the long end of the scarf twice around your neck, and put the loose ends inside to give it a clean finished look. If there are fringes in your scarf, then try to keep them forward to give a different touch of style
  • The Shawl The easiest way to wear a silk scarf is to drape it around your shoulders and let it run down your back and front. With this simple style, your dress will speak loud.
  • The Turtle Neck Take a silk scarf and put it around your neck. Twist one of the ends of it around your neck followed by the other. Try to keep the ends hanging down your chest a little and finally, put the loose ends of the scarf inside.
  • The French Knot Just the silk scarf which you have taken into half and place it around your shoulders. Take one end of the scarf and pull it over from the loop of the scarf. Again, take the other end of it and pull it over from the same loop and your french knot in the silk scarf is done.
  • The False Knot Take a silk scarf and place your scarf from behind your neck. Take one end of it and wrap it around your palm, and then through the hole made put it through to create a false knot. Take the other end of it and pull it through the side knot, which again goes under the same knot loop and loops over.
  • The Double Bandana Take a scarf, preferably a long silk scarf and fold in half and then fold it into a triangle making a knot together. Place it around your neck and make a twist and make a loop.
Final Word

Hopefully, all these ways to wear a silk scarf will help you to tie with any of your outfits accordingly and you will be ready to slay the day.

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