How to Recognize Hidden Anxiety in Your Dreams and Overcome it

Best Tips to Identify & Overcome Dream Anxiety

By Srishti Mudgal Apr 3 2021 12:41PM 2917 Read
Best Tips to Identify & Overcome Dream Anxiety

Dreams are the mind's natural way of processing emotions, feelings, and almost everything that is going on in your life. We don't have much control over what we dream and that is a good sign for some people but a scary idea for others who experience anxiety in their dreams.

Anxiety dreams are obnoxious and can cause distress. They are more off-putting than the nightmares. They can be scary and shake up the person for the rest of the day. The main reasons behind the anxiety dreams are

  • Fear or stress
  • Insomnia
  • Life-changing events
  • Recent life changes
  • Use of substances including alcohol.

Different types of dreams indicate a variety of things. But is it also important to understand the hidden messages in your anxiety dreams? This article will help you know how to interpret the hidden messages in your anxiety dreams. Let's begin with –

  • Tornadoes According to research, a few kinds of anxiety dreams can be tied to a particular frame of uneasiness or Anxiety. If the occurrence of tornadoes is more frequent than it should be, then that can indicate an underlying anxiety disorder such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). If you don't have GAD, then you must be really worried about your personal or professional life.
  • Drowning It can be a sign of some type of anxiety disorder. Research indicates that drowning can be tied to panic attacks. Pressure on chest and difficulty in breathing is the similarity between drowning and panic attacks, thus they can be related.
  • Being chased Social anxiety disorder (SAD) can be the link between being chased in your dreams. People battling SAD tend to avoid social situations because it gives them anxiety.
  • Earthquakes Are you feeling instability in your life? That can be the reason why you are experiencing earthquakes in your dreams.
  • Flooding Have you been overwhelmed by a situation in your life recently? Or are you worried about a situation getting worse? That is the root cause of if you are constantly seeing tidal waves in your dreams.
  • House fires These types of dreams are the most alarming ones. They occur when we are stressed out the most.
  • Car problems if you dream about faulty brakes or an uncontrollable steering wheel. This can indicate that maybe you have lost control of your own life.
  • Being naked do you find yourself to be frequently naked in public places in your dreams? It could be related to embarrassment, inferiority, and anxiety over how others perceive you.
  • Back at school school is the place where it teaches you how to take responsibility and be on time, but if you find yourself being back at school in your dreams, it could indicate that you are facing issues in your work/Workplace.
  • Unprepared for a test These types of dreams also indicate stress related to work.
  • Can't find your class/locker Not being able to find your locker or class can represent the feeling of being lost in your personal and professional life
  • Teeth falling out This specific type of dream represents the psychological stress in your life. This could also indicate the loss of a loved one in your life.

If you've been seeing any of the above-mentioned dreams in your sleep, then it can be an alarming sign that you should focus on your mental well-being and take care of your health. Now, the main question is how can you stop having such stressful dreams? Is there anything you can do on your own without the help of a specialist? Well, yes you can try a bunch of things.

  • Take care of your sleep According to clinical psychologist and sleep behavioral experts, it is very vital to maintain good sleep hygiene and it is also recommended to have proper nine to seven hours of sleep each night
  • Rewrite your dreams Rewriting your dreams and then analyzing them later to know the root cause of such anxiety dreams can help with dealing with it
  • Talk it out It's proven to be beneficial to talk out your anxious dreams. It helps you to be able to hold on to the cause while letting go of the anxiety
  • Pinpoint the issue Sometimes it's important to understand the issues in your life and after all, dreams are our unconscious thoughts. It could be a sign that you are facing some serious issues in your life
  • Create a Zen bedtime routine It is beneficial to reduce the stress in your life to stop the Anxiety dreams. Yoga before bed seems like a good idea
  • Think positive thoughts It's very vital to think positive before going to bed and you can also create a positive environment by lighting up some scented candles and using aromatherapy.

It's normal to have anxiety dreams; it just shows you are a human. Anxiety dreams are a way of your mind and body telling you to focus on yourself and your health. Your subconscious mind is helping you to resolve the problems in your life. Try to understand the messages in your dreams by your mind and resolve it.

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