Is a revolutionary change coming in the world of Fitness?

10 Top Fitness Trends to Expect in 2021: Change in Game
By Aakarsh Arora - Apr 16 2021 12:08PM - 2559 Read
10 Top Fitness Trends to Expect in 2021: Change in Game

Fitness has become a part and parcel of life. Mankind has realized the importance of fitness in 2020 due to covid19. Fitness is paramount much more than ever in 2021. It is high time to complete the fitness resolutions we all take at the start of New Year. But, where do we start as the landscape of the fitness industry is due to change thanks to COVID.

Now, Fitness is just isn’t about lifting the weights and hitting the gym. Let’s look at the emerging fitness trends which are foreseen to come in 2021 and leverage the opportunity to take our fitness to another level.

10 Emerging Fitness Trends in 2021
  • Online Training: With the growing adoption of technology, the COVID period marked the advent of the online meeting, classes, and training, etc. So, now online fitness coaching has advanced in which coaches address individuals or large groups on zoom and Google meet. The fitness trend of online coaching is surely going to grow by leaps and bounds as it has made people follow fitness regimes conveniently in their homes. Also, personal trainers have started designing workout programs with tech and clients get their product on their mobile phones.
  • Wearable Devices: We often wonder about the number of calories we burn while doing a particular workout or our oxygen rate, blood pressure, walking steps at a particular time. Well, we are overwhelmed to tell you that technology has given the fitness industry wearable devices that evaluate all the above-mentioned things. Fitness bands and watches by Apple, Samsung, etc. are gaining popularity among fitness freaks.
  • Bodyweight Training: Earlier, fitness used to be all about weight training but with the closure of gyms due to corona virus and unavailability of training equipment, people have again started realizing the crucial role of bodyweight training in Fitness. To gain agility and mobility, people are following different bodyweight workouts. Squats, pushups, and other forms of cardio have become a new fitness trend.
  • HIIT: Do you want to get fit but do not have time to go to the gym. Don’t worry; an intense form of cardio called High-Intensity Interval Training would be best suited to you. Recently, HIIT has come into the picture for fitness freaks as it involves doing 3 to 4 circuits of some cardio exercises with minimal rest. HIIT workout boosts our metabolism and burns our calories much quicker than conventional cardio. So, immensely busy people can be hale and hearty by doing HIIT for 20 minutes every day.
  • Home gym: With the effects of the corona virus looking to sustain for another year, the fitness trend of having gym equipment at home has emerged. But it is a fascinating task to do as with little investment we can train easily at home. As the future of outdoor gyms is uncertain, a mini gym at home would be the perfect option for fitness enthusiasts who are unceasingly working on their physique.
  • Holistic approach to fitness: Earlier fitness was only done on the physical body level but the pandemic has made us feel that fitness on the physical, mental, as well as spiritual level is of utmost necessity. Now, people will zero in on mindfulness practices like meditation apart from lifting weights to function well on every level. Mental well-being is as vital as physical well-being.
  • Rise of fitness communities on fitness platforms: A new fitness trend in making is the popularity of fitness platforms on which people can share their fitness goals, progress with their friends and other people. Moreover, fitness platforms will provide customized diet plans & calorie management techniques which will attract more people to join these platforms. It will be an effortless task to connect with other fitness freaks.
  • A concoction of Sports and Fitness: It is an incontrovertible fact that sports are one of the most prominent forms of fitness. Owing to being stuck in homes for almost a year, now people will realize maintaining their health amidst nature. People, who are not inclined towards gyms or can’t go to gyms due to closure, now have started playing sports like soccer, volleyball to raise their fitness level. The mixture of sports and fitness will sustain for a good period.
  • Awareness for fitness among the elder generation: People, especially those who are above 40, have faced serious repercussions for their health in the pandemic. Resultantly, this generation has started emphasizing their fitness. At this age, people usually suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure. So, to have a prolonged life elder generation has initiated themselves into some kind of fitness like yoga, sports, dance, etc.
  • Nutrition and Ayurveda will soar: People having weak immunity have been affected the most by the virus. So, people again have started considering having a good nutritional diet full of all the healthy elements. Ayurveda is a gift to the world by India. Natural Ayurvedic tactics help to gain significant strength and mobility in the body. So, more people will resort to Ayurvedic methods of eating to enhance their immunity levels.
Final Words

We have discussed some of the drastic changes which are already happening in the fitness world and present a different opportunity for the industry. One positive outcome of the pandemic is that it has completely revolutionized the outlook of people towards fitness.

Apart from this, Technology is leveraging the industry to allure more people into becoming fit and healthy. These fitness trends are going to sustain for a prolonged period because of their efficiency.

So, we can say now that fulfilling our New Year resolution of being fit has become easier due to the changing landscape of the fitness industry for the betterment of people’s health.

Do make a fitness regime and follow it wholeheartedly to lead a healthy and happy life in these uncertain times.

Aakarsh Arora
Aakarsh Arora

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