12 Beautiful Places to Visit in North-East India

12 Best North East Places for Travel Bucket List Keepers

By Reva Jain Apr 16 2021 11:52AM 2377 Read
12 Best North East Places for Travel Bucket List Keepers

The northeast part of India comprises 8 states, i.e., Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Nagaland, and Sikkim. They might be very small states as compared to the rest and take up only 8% of the entire India. However, they are no behind and will capture your heart and the soul and will bring you closer to Mother Earth.

Hard to believe but it is the first organic state of the world, the dowry free region of India, the rainiest and the place where there is pleasant weather throughout the year.

North-East is famous for its natural beauty, wildlife, waterfalls, tea, and the place which values tribes and their culture, heritage the most.

Here, we present 12 places of North-East India that one should definitely visit.

12 Must Visit North East Places with Family
  • TSOMGO LAKE, SIKKIM DigitalYug Tsomgo means “source of the lake” in the Bhutia language where ‘tso’ means ‘lake’ and ‘mgo’ means the ‘head’. It is surrounded by steep mountains which during winters are covered by the snow and in the summer season, the snow melts down and forms the lake. It is the glacier lake in Sikkim and is some 40 km from Gangtok. When the seasons change, the surface reflects different colours which are even studied by Buddhist monks.
  • UMIAM LAKE, MEGHALAYA DigitalYug It is locally known as Dam Sait and is a reservoir in the hills of Shillong (capital of Meghalaya). It is one of the tourist places popular for adventure and water sports like boating, kayaking, scooting, water cycling etc. Its main purpose was to store water for hydroelectric power generation and provide numerous ecological services at different levels.
  • LOKTAK LAKE, MANIPUR DigitalYug It is often referred to as the largest freshwater lake, known for the circular floating swamps which look like different islands of the heterogeneous mass of organic matter, vegetation and the soil floating over it. It has the only floating national park in the world, the Keibul Lamjhao National Park and shelters around 230 varieties of aquatic plants, 400 species of fauna and 100 types of birds. This lake serves as a treat for all the birdwatchers.
  • NATHU LA PASS, SIKKIM DigitalYug It is the mountain pass in the Himalayan peaks that correlates the Indian state of Sikkim and China's Tibet region. It is famous for the snowy beauty and magnificent environment where the temperature mostly remains low. During winters it experiences heavy snowfall and during the summer season, the temperature ranges approx 10-degree Celsius.
  • ZIRO VALLEY, ARUNACHAL PRADESH DigitalYug This place is best for all the wanderlusts that are looking forward to trekking experience, wildlife search or the blast camping in the jungles. It captivates everyone with its innate charm sprinkled with rice fields, old fashioned villages and green hills filled with vivid flora. It is the mountainscape of Arunachal Pradesh which is a paradise on the Earth.
  • NOHKALIKAI FALLS, MEGHALAYA DigitalYug It is one of the moistened places on the Earth and the highest dive waterfalls in India. It is commonly known for its living roots bridges which come from rubber trees in the region.
  • NURANANG FALLS, ARUNACHAL PRADESH DigitalYug It is one of the most astonishing waterfalls in India, which is some 100 metres high.
  • GORICHEN PEAK, ARUNACHAL PRADESH DigitalYug This place is viewed as holy by the tribe of Monpa as it is believed that it will protect them from evils. It offers climbing opportunities to professional climbers and treks for beginners.
  • DURTLANG HILLS, MIZORAM DigitalYug It is a favourite trek for the locals and visitors and although it is one of the toughest treks, the view from the top will simply blow your mind and freshen up the entire body system. It gives an extraordinary glimpse of this incredible city.
  • PELLING, SIKKIM DigitalYug This small hill town of West Sikkim is very close to the Himalayas and the Kanchenjunga. The land encompassing Pelling is new territory and is immersed with mountainous vegetation, with diverse waterfalls drawing the hillside. In the months of winter, this place is seldom embraced with snow cover. Places to visit in and around Pelling include the holy rock of Rani Dhunga, local monasteries, waterfall rock garden, Kanchenjunga Falls, the Changey Waterfalls, the archaic Singshore Bridge, and the Khecheopalri Lake are holy to Buddhists.
  • MAJULI ISLAND, ASSAM DigitalYug Situated in the Brahmaputra River, it became the first island of India in 2016. it has a remarkably powerful cultural influence on the lives of the local Assamese. One can visit Garmur which is the most dedicated site of the Vaishnavites which secures artifacts, literal writings which retain value to their culture and religion. You can also go to Tengapania, which is the golden temple for the Assamese, filled with amazing statues and pillars. There is also an opportunity to enjoy river life with the help of boating.
  • MAWSMAI CAVE, MEGHALAYA DigitalYug It has been esteemed as one of the most famous and well-known memorials in Cherrapunji. This remarkable natural cave is visited by good quantities of people. It is one of the most reliable places for the ones who are interested in history and who want to seek experience and knowledge at its best. The Mawsmai cave possesses a wide and wondrous door with darkness and mystery inside. The construction of this cave is in limestone which fascinates the most to the visitors.
Concluding Words

Each part of India showcases its own beauty with different types of travel experiences, climatic conditions, places to stay in, etc, and no wonder, the North-East part of India is covered with high vegetation, marine life, thick trees, flora and fauna which would make your stay worthy.

Although, it has been noticed that due to global warming many glaciers are melting which are affecting the snowy lakes and the government has come up with some acts and regulations like the Manipur Loktak Lake Protection Act.

We really hope that you get close to the environment and click a lot of pictures to blow your social media account!

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