Top 8 Yoga Exercises We all Should do for Better Living

Top 8 Yoga Exercises We all Should do for Better Living

By Aakarsh Arora Mar 30 2021 4:02PM 1746 Read

“.......And Now, Yoga”: Most Important Yoga Exercise for Humans Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, one of the most insightful documents on the science of Yoga, begins with a line: “.......And now, Yoga.” There is a profound science behind Yoga which has originated from ancient India. This powerful process was discovered by Indian sages and then it disseminated in the whole world and now people from the different parts of the globe are reaping its advantages in terms of peace and health.

The fundamental question is “What is yoga?”

Well, to answer it conspicuously, Yoga is the scientific process to keep the body and mind in harmony with each other. Moreover, it is the most effective tool to keep the geometry of the body and mind in alignment. Yoga is not only limited to the flexibility and mobility of the body but it also comes in immensely handy for the mental well-being of human beings.

So, thanks to the hectic schedule of present-day people and the rapid pace at which we are living in this world, we are not doing justice to our whole well-being. We are engrossed in our mundane affairs and compromising with our health due to which we are at the brink of vulnerability to health ailments both physical and mental.

“ Oh man!!! It was a tiring day”. People make this remark after coming from work in the evening and then just lie on their bed or become couch potatoes and remain glued to their TV screens and mobile phones.

Apart from physical diseases, all the psychological problems like anxiety, anger, and frustration are caused by our carefree attitude towards our physical and mental well-being. But, to get rid of all these issues and to become an energetic and cheerful human being we need to zero in on our health.

These worthy goals can be achieved by the fantastic tool we have i.e. YOGA. All the postures and stretches of yoga that we are acquainted with are part of the science of yoga known as “HATH YOGA.”

Top 8 Easy feel Yoga Exercises you can do anywhere 1. Child pose or Balasana:-

Child pose is a relaxing pose performed to make the neck, back, and hips flexible. In this posture, our breath should be at a normal rate and arms have to be extended. It serene’s the brain which improves our mental health.

2. Easy pose- Sukhasana:-

Sukhasana is a basic yogic posture in which we have to sit cross-legged in a relaxing position. It lends a helping hand in opening up the hips and interestingly, it also helps to combat the menstrual pain of women. Anxiety levels ease up if it is done regularly.

3. Warrior pose 1 or Virabhadrasana 1:-

Warrior pose 1 indulges the stretching of chest and shoulders which results in revitalizing of body and mind. Besides this, this pose is immensely advantageous for those who have a long and restless day of work. It fortifies our knees and spine which leads to the betterment of focus in our life.

4. Warrior pose 2 or Virabhadrasana 2:-

This calming posture strengthens our core muscles and guides our brain to tranquility. One needs to stay strong because this asana involves gravitational pull. Complete extension of arms and legs enhances our standing posture and we become a good carrier of our body.

5. The chair pose or Utkatasana:-

Utkatasana helps to mitigate the issue of the flat fleet. It tones our calves and hamstrings. Inwardly, it invigorates our heart, diaphragm, and abdominal muscles.

6. Boat pose or Navasana:-

Boat pose is of utmost necessity for peace of mind. It consolidates core abdominal muscles and legs. More importantly, it leads to stability of body posture. It involves the extension of the legs upward, and the chin looking forward.

7. The corpse or Savasana:-

The corpse pose is one of the effortless poses in yoga. It pays rich dividends to people who are victims of Insomnia. It guides you to your inward self. Mind rejuvenates thanks to savasana. Apart from this, the corpse pose helps to breathe smoothly and lowering blood pressure. We had better do it every day for 3 to 5 minutes to enhance the functioning of our minds.

8. Bridge pose or Bandha Sarvangasana:-

The flexibility of the spine is highly imperative for soothing conduct of the body. Bridge post is one of the most eminent poses for consolidation of the spine and it is also a hip joint opener. People scuffling with anxiety, depression can be rewarded with the calmness of mind by practicing this yogic pose.


Hath yoga is a way of working with the body. It is as flat as a pancake way of disciplining, purifying, and preparing it for higher levels of energy and flexibility in the body. In this realm of increasing health hazards and mental disorders, Yoga is a pathway to walk towards physical and mental upliftment.

Making yoga a part of our identity and performing it every day is going to bring wonders into your life. Yoga is a tool to elevate our consciousness and awareness of life which would help us to grow no matter how bleak or wonderful the situation is.

Happiness and ecstasy can only be achieved when our body and mind are working the way we want it to be and Yoga provides us that vista to remain peaceful, jubilant and hale, and hearty every minute of our life.

Happy yogic journey!!!
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