Veganism in Bollywood: 10 Celebrities who turned Vegan

10 Hottest Vegan Celebrities in India to Motivate You

By Aashi Jain Apr 7 2021 11:31AM 2154 Read
10 Hottest Vegan Celebrities in India to Motivate You

Veganism is a trend nowadays and is becoming very popular among the health-conscious youth of India. Switching your food habits to a plant-based diet and saying no to milk and related products & meat is the new normal. People are becoming aware of what should go inside their bodies and how they should modify their diets accordingly.

Bollywood celebrities are great trendsetters and motivate their fans a lot. The vegan diet has been adopted by several Bollywood celebrities which led it to become popular among common people. Through veganism celebrities also promote animal protection and welfare.

Benefits of Vegan Diet
  • A vegan diet provides you with the perfect amount of nutrition that your body needs. With the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, nuts, and seeds a vegan diet is a wholesome meal on its own.
  • A vegan diet reduces the risk of cancer and other dangerous diseases. Filled with rich antioxidants vegan food provides Immunity towards cancer.
  • A vegan diet keeps your mood light and happy. People consuming vegan diets have a lower risk of depression and anxiety disorders.
  • A vegan diet helps you maintain a perfect body figure and weight. The vegan diet is lower in calories and thus reduces the daily calorie intake.
  • A vegan diet helps maintain blood sugar levels. Non-vegans are known to have higher blood sugar levels than vegans.
  • A vegan diet keeps your skin bright and glowing. It reduces the risk of acne-prone skin in both men and women. Not only skin it also reduces the risk of hair fall and damage.
  • A vegan diet is also known to control the pain of arthritis. Vegans tend to absorb more nutrition and reduce inflammation in the joints.
10 Celebrities Who Have Turned to Vegan Food Habits:
  • Virat Kohli The role model for many young sports lovers, Virat Kohli, has now turned vegan. Being a fitness freak, he shared his fitness regime which included highly avoiding animal and dairy products. He shared some underlying health issues he was facing when he was a heavy meat eater and that turning vegan has helped him a lot. He feels good about switching his food habits and wonders what took him so long to do so.
  • Aamir Khan Aamir Khan has been vegan for years now. The main motivation behind his successful vegan diet regime is a video that had all the information regarding death-causing diseases and how they can be prevented with a proper diet. This video was shown to him by his wife, Kiran Rao. Amir believes that the video has changed his perspective of how things work nutritionally. Not only meat, but the actor has also given up milk and milk products. Dahi, according to him, is the only thing he misses the most.
  • Jacqueline Fernandez Much similar to her role in 'Housefull-2' movie, Jacqueline Fernandez is a die-hard animal lover which in general has motivated her to stop eating animal and dairy products. According to her, "Going Vegan is the best thing you can do to help stop animal suffering, protect the environment, and safeguard your health". Jacqueline is one of the fittest actresses in Bollywood and can always be found promoting a vegan diet.
  • Alia Bhatt The actress has recently turned her diet habits to vegan and is feeling quite good about the change. The recent change has brought a huge difference to her life and has helped her to tolerate the heat. Alia seems to be inspired by her role model and father, Mahesh Bhatt, who has always been a vegetarian.
  • Shahid Kapoor Apart from having a charming physique, Shahid Kapoor is also being praised for the vegan diet he has recently switched to. While managing his personal and professional life so well, he is also able to manage his health and fitness. He has been a vegetarian for a decade now and has recently given up on gluten and dairy products. His motivation behind this drastic change in his life was the book his father gifted him as a token of love, named 'Life is Fair by Brian Hines'. His dedication to fitness is yet unmatched and became a motivation for many of his fans.
  • Sonam Kapoor Sonam's love for animals is not hidden and nor does her love for a vegan diet. The actress has been vegetarian for a long time now but has recently turned vegan. Not only has she switched her diet habits herself but also motivates the world to do it. She has been seen sharing her lovely vegan recipes with her fans from all across the globe. Becoming completely vegan was not a difficult task for Sonam but she accepts that she misses eating Yogurt and shrimp sometimes.
  • Kangna Ranaut Kangna Ranaut has always talked about how cow slaughter is a shame and how she dislikes it. She was a strict non-vegetarian before she decided to become a vegetarian and eventually turn vegan. A few years ago, she realized that dairy products aren't supporting her health so well so she decided to switch to vegan. Not only vegan, but she is also trying to become an ethical vegan.
  • Sonakshi Sinha Fitness conscious Sonakshi Sinha has adopted a new vegan diet and she confirms that it has helped her a lot in losing weight. Facing a lot of criticism for her figure has motivated her a lot to follow a perfect regime and focusing on herself.
  • Anushka Sharma Anushka Sharma is a well-known Bollywood celebrity known for her fitness regime. Being a vegetarian, Anushka has always been passionate about promoting a vegetarian diet. Recently during her pregnancy, she decided to switch her diet habits to vegan. According to her, it has helped her manage her pregnancy a lot.
  • Neha Dhupia She has always been lenient towards animals which have been her motivation to switch to a vegan diet. Not only switching to vegan, but she also helped PETA launch their first-ever discount savings card for vegans that was a step to promote veganism. In her words, "I've realized that the benefits of eating plant-based foods include feeling energetic and succeeding to keep weight in control".
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