Emerging as one of the finest talents as a social worker and politician, enter Manish Yadav

Manish Yadav is a young Chief of Narayani Sena and has remained in the news for professing that he is a descendent of Lord Shri Krishna

By Saurabh Mishra Sep 9 2022 5:57PM 1078 Read

Isn’t it surreal to read more about all those people and professionals who work towards attaining excellence first before going out to gain the success they desire? This is easier said than done, but there have been a few rare gems who have done that and shown the world what they truly possess as individuals and professionals in their fields. Many of these talented beings work rigorously and thrive off of their passion and tenacity to create towering heights of success for themselves while also working for the betterment of their society and community. We couldn’t help but notice the swift rise of one such incredible personality named Manish Yadav.

Manish Yadav’s astute decisions and skills as a social worker and politician have always helped him remain in the news. But, professing that he is a descendent of Lord Shri Krishna has made him a much-talked-about personality in recent times. He is the Chief of Narayani Sena and has made claims in the court that he is a descendent of Lord Shri Krishna and wants the land of Idgah to be freed as that is the birthplace of the lord, and hence, he is fighting to save the land from encroachment. His consistent efforts for the same have also made more headlines around him in major media outlets of the country.

As a young Indian talent, Manish Yadav has garnered much name and recognition for the selfless work he has done for his community and the people around him. His social work has helped him become a youth icon, and his work, especially for the youth, has now turned him into an inspirational youngster and social worker in society across the nation.

He doesn’t want to stop fighting for his and the rights of others and thus wants to make every possible effort to get closer to his goals regarding equal rights and creating great opportunities for others to flourish.

Find out more about his work through Twitter, https://twitter.com/themanishonline

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