Adani Success Story - Business Tycoon who came to Mumbai with a ₹100 note

Gautam Adani took off to Mumbai with just a ₹100 note and became a millionaire at just age 20. This Adani success story would surely teach you how to take opportunities.
By Lakshya Datta - Mar 26 2021 3:11PM - 6249 Read
Gautam Shantilal Adani Success Story - From ₹100 to $52 Billion

A man feted to have "Dhanda" (business) in his veins, Gautam Shantilal Adani as we all know him today, Founder, Chairman of Adani Group is one of India's foremost business tycoons and the second richest man in the nation.

Unlike most businessmen, he didn't inherit a functioning enterprise from his father instead he built one from scratch.

Gautam Adani Early days

Hailing from a typical Gujrati family. Mr. Gautam Adani gained his schooling from Seth CN Vidyalaya Ahmedabad. Having seven siblings and facing the hardships of a necessitous family, Adani had the urge to make life substantial from the very beginning to an extent that he even dropped out of college to pursue his dream!

He took off to Mumbai with just a ₹100 note! Having no clue that one day he shall be one of the most influential people in the country.

Gautam Adani Career in Mumbai

Adani took the job of a diamond sorter with Mahindra Brothers. With an underlying objective to gain knowledge and expertise. Being vigilant during his tenure, he absorbed every detail critical to the business.

He later went on to set up his diamond brokerage at Zaveri Bazaar which turned out to be his first successful initiative.

Making him a millionaire at just the age of 20! This gave Adani the much-needed Impetus for availing the opportunities destiny had in store for him!

“"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." - Chris Grosser

Gautam Adani Entering the Global Markets

His career came to a halt when he was asked to return home to his brother and help him set up a plastic factory in Ahmedabad.

Adani, as optimistic as he was, deemed this as an opportunity to import polyvinyl chloride as part of the plastic franchise and made his entrance into the International market.

Adani’s Road to Success

Taking advantage of the emerging liberalization norms in the country, he formally established the Adani Group headquartered in Gujrat in 1988 and never looked back from that day!

During its initial years, the Company's focus was mainly on power and agriculture-related commodities; blessed with the art of making the best out of things, under his umbrella Adani Group prospered by leaps and bounds.

Until the next decade, Adani Group was a multidimensional conglomerate with its limbs expanded in Gas Distribution, Coal Trading and Mining, Power Generation and Transmission, and Oil and Gas Exploration.

Gautam Adani is usually termed as a "Visionary man with foresight" It is only due to such qualities that he has been able to establish a monopolistic market. Today he is the largest port owner in the country and is continuing to intensify his port business even further.

Adani's inspirational story is not just an anecdote of how he built a fortune for himself but also about his incalculable contribution to the country's economy. Adani's multinational business objectives bring much-needed foreign exchange to the country. Their business functions aid in the efficient distribution of fuel and other resources across states.

Adani Group has generated employment for approximately twenty thousand people in the nation as well as worldwide.

Their business mission believes in giving back to society by voluntarily adhering to corporate social responsibility and working in an eco-friendly fashion In an interview, when asked about the secret to his success. His words were, "I work with a mantra that steers my way towards success. Throughout my entire life, I've focused on trying rather than getting obsessed with the results."

Final Words

Gautam Shantilal Adani, a remarkable personality is an inspiration to every budding entrepreneur The visionary man surely has "Dhanda" in his veins!

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