Neil Patel Success Story: Success After Massive Failure

Story of SEO King Neil Patel: From $1 Million Debt to $10M Worth

By Ayush Sharma May 4 2021 3:04PM 4284 Read
Story of SEO King Neil Patel: From $1 Million Debt to $10M Worth

Not everyone can continue their business after facing failure and having a debt of $1 million at the age of 21, but Neil Patel pulled it through.

If you are involved in works of "SEO" or "Inbound Marketing", then you might have heard about Neil Patel.

If not heard of him, check out Neil's blog and see what he has done with his brilliant mind.

Neil Patel Background

Neil Patel was born in London, UK. He is a digital marketing entrepreneur and founder of Crazy Eggs and Hello Bar. He went from making six figures doing SEO consulting for many companies in his high school to building multi-million dollar startups.

He didn't earn this success overnight, but it was a hard fight and achieved through his passion, intelligence and, motivation from influential people who were around him. His positive attitude towards life made him the master.

The struggling phase of his life has passed, and now, his estimated net worth is around $30 million and still counting. But, how did he earn this much success?

Neil Patel Success Story - Early Life

Let's take a quick view of his life; Neil Patel was born in London in 1985. He belonged to a middle-class family, yet surrounded by many influential entrepreneurs, which motivated him in this field.

He started selling black boxes and hacked satellite TV cards to classmates and their parents, making a few thousand dollars in profit. He got inspired by the business model, and he invested all his money, which he saved, to pay for his website, Advice Monkey. He was out of funds for advertising, although Advice Monkey was popular and successful but didn't have the option for a transaction.

Neil Patel Story at Age 18

Then, he started his college courses at Cypress Community Courses which was the turning point of his career. He eventually got his first marketing client, Elpac electronics, at $3500/ month. He started Advantage Consulting Services, an internet marketing agency in partnership. But then he lost over $1 million by investing in a hosting company known as 'Vision Web Hosting' because it failed. He didn't know how to pay it all back when he was just 21 years old, but somehow he pulled it through.

Once a thought came into his mind, "Should I even be an entrepreneur?" He had to rethink at that point of his life, which he did, and here he is with glory. Neil then co-founded Crazy Egg with business partner Hiten shah. They invested around $200000 in Crazy Egg. Now, If you run a deep check on Neil, you would probably see that he overthinks about the long run.

In 2005, he was named one of the top influencers on the web by The Wall Street Journal. In 2006, he started his blog, ProNet advertising, and for this, ProNet Advertising was named "Best Social Media Blog" and ranked in the top 100 of Technorati.

Neil Patel Success Peak

In 2007, he launched Quick Sprout Blog and, in the successive year, he launched KISSmetrics. Both were very successful startups. And, after a few years, he and Crazy Egg bought Hello Bar in 2012.

So in 2014, following this much success, Neil was named one of the top 10 marketing experts by Forbes magazine. And, since then, he has focused on Crazy Eggs and his blog, sharing his wealth of knowledge among millions of users who are fond of him globally.

What is "Crazy Egg", which made him a rock star?

Crazy Egg is a heat map technology that tells you what is usable and not on your website. Neil describes it as software that shows you how to maximize the website's usability by improving user experience. Many industries and people use it.

It is even compared with Google Analytics. Google Analytics cannot do heat maps and many other works which the former can do. Crazy Egg can even tell when someone scrolls and by how much they have scrolled down by their click behaviour.

Neil lost a ton of money in Crazy Egg, but it recovered because of its best in class performance. In all ways, it is one of the best heat map tools out there to increase traffic to your websites.

Take a look at the image and see the popularity of Crazy Egg:

Another one, KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is a web analytics tool that helps to track people on your website. Each user or customer on the website contributes to the overall growth of a website. It is best for E-commerce or agencies. It helps you discover areas where you are losing potential customers.

It also briefs you about the adjustments which are to be made for the biggest impacts. It allows seeing what's causing people to convert versus what's causing them to abort and how you can do more things to make more money. Here are usage stats of KISSmetrics:

Fact: KISSmetrics has been the 7th most popular in the A/B testing category in India and 11th most popular on the entire internet in the A/B testing category.

Moving Forward

And with all these achievements, he never thinks to stop nor shows signs of slowing down. Now, he has even started to take educational classes on Facebook through live sessions. He spends most of his time interacting with people who ask him questions. And, he answers all the questions through his blog, explaining everything in detail, which attracts a lot of audiences.

We can just say that Neil is a great leader with sheer determination, hard work, and a positive attitude who made near to impossible results possible. He proved that following passion might be a challenging task, but if you are ready to face obstacles, and then you can pursue your passion, as well.

As said by him, "Behind every successful person are a lot of unsuccessful years."

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