Savitri Jindal Courageous Journey – The Backbone of Legendary Jindal Group

Savitri Jindal, wife of O.P. Jindal and now the Chairperson of Jindal Group, is one of the powerful women of India who showed the world that despite being a housewife for so many years, she has successfully able to administrate the company after her husband’s demise and taking it to another level altogether.
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The Brave Woman Savitri Jindal – Housewife, Politician & Business Woman

Savitri Jindal, the chairperson of Jindal Groups, is a woman who once stayed at home to take care of the family but jumped into the field of Politics and Business after Mr. O.P. Jindal’s death in a helicopter crash in 2005. She is a lady filled with simplicity and cultural essence with a ranking of one of the world’s wealthiest women in Forbes billionaire list 2018. She was elected to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha from Hisar constituency and later appointed as a cabinet minister in the Haryana Government. Today, we will study the in-depth life story of this brave woman and take inspiration.

Proud Fact: Savitri Jindal also served as a member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly in 2013.

Savitri Jindal – Statistics

  • Full Name – Savitri Devi Jindal
  • Born – 20 March 1950
  • Birth – Tinsukia, Assam, India
  • Occupation – Businesswoman
  • Marital Status – Widowed

Savitri Jindal – Early Life & Education

Savitri was born on 20th March 1950 in a place known as Tinsukia, located in Assam, which is also her hometown. She was a girl from an orthodox family background who got married at the age of 15 to her sister’s husband, 20 years older than her after her sister’s death.

Savitri Devi is a diploma holder of those times when education was not considered as much of an important source. However, considering her experience as her education, she has led the company to new heights and gained much respect when in politics.

Savitri Jindal Family & Legacy

After getting married to a well-known industrialist Mr. O.P. Jindal who was also her sister’s husband, Savitri became a mother of nine children out of which six children were of her sister and three were her, but being born in the traditional family, she never questioned anyone and became the foundation to the Jindal family.

Savitri Jindal – Career & Life Timeline

  • As a Housewife Savitri was a mother of nine children and wife of a renowned Industrialist & Politician of that time, Mr. O.P. Jindal. With the handling of the home, she learned the lessons of administration, and with her being the core center of the Jindal Family, Savitri Devi had her ways to bind the people together, and even being the wife of such a great person, her wings were always grounded and on the duty of guarding the family members. The sudden shock to her life, which changed her life upside down, was the demise of her husband, Mr. O.P. Jindal, in 2005 in the helicopter crash in North India.
  • As a Business Woman With a sudden shock to Savitri Devi’s life, her life made her jump the greater heights, i.e., from taking care of the home to taking care of the company founded by her husband, Mr. O.P. Jindal, in the year 1952. The different companies coming under The Jindal Group is equally divided amongst the children of Savitri Jindal. While handling the family business with the utmost care, Savitri Jindal became one of the wealthiest women in the world.

Note: Being a mother at heart and a businesswoman at mind, Savitri runs the administration so successfully that in today’s time, ‘The Jindal Group’ is not only on every Indian’s mouth but also has internationally put a stamp on the world.

Savitri Jindal – Politics & Cabinet Ministry

After the death of Savitri Jindal’s husband, she joined politics and business at the same time in 2005. In the same year, Savitri Devi was elected in Haryana Vidhan Sabha from the Hisar constituency, and after years of struggle since 2005, she finally got appointed as the Cabinet member of the Haryana Government and later served as a member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly.

Savitri Jindal - Awards and Achievements

  • Appointed as the Cabinet Member of Haryana Government in 2013
  • Served as a member of Haryana Legislative Assembly in 2014
  • International honor in the field of woman empowerment in 2021 by Asia One Magazine.

Savitri Jindal - Social Work & Philanthropy

Besides political and business life, this lady, with a spark of simplicity, also works for social issues. She came to the field of social care to fulfill her husband’s dream of upliftment of poor, farmers, laborers and stand for the youth and women. She is committed to serving for the social cause till her last breath.

Savitri Jindal - Controversies

  • Fake News Case In the year 2014, due to the spreading of fake news on the channel and tarnishing her public reputation, Savitri Jindal had filed a complaint against the CEO of ZEE News, Samir Alluwalia, and also the top officials of ZEE News before the Election Commission of India.
  • Defamation Statement While holding an electoral rally in The Hisar area on 14 October, Subhash Chandra, on behalf of the BJP nominee of Hisar Kamal Gupta, made an unfair, wrong, misleading, and defamatory statement regarding members of the Jindal family, in particular against the plaintiff (Savitri Jindal) and Congress MP Naveen Jindal.

Fun Fact: - Savitri Jindal is one of the world’s richest women in India by Forbes Billionaire list 2018.

Savitri Jindal – Commoner to Billionaire

The journey from a housewife of an industrialist with a heart of commoner, the life of Savitri Devi Jindal gives us examples of the woman’s power. She is truly an inspiration to many women who wish to start their careers but hesitate to excel. This lady has shown the actual proof that when it comes to her family, a woman leaves no stone unturned to protect them. This drastic transition after the death of her husband had never made her weak in her thoughts but became a determination to fulfill her husband’s dream till her last breath. She is a woman to be proud of and a learning experience that would help many women lead a life successfully with full freedom.

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