Why Everyone is Going Crazy Over Maldives?

8 Things to do in Maldives that Makes the Place Special

By Reva Jain Apr 13 2021 4:20PM 2265 Read
8 Things to do in Maldives that Makes the Place Special

I am sure if you are active on Instagram, then you might have noticed that the Maldives is one of the places where every 3rd person check-ins. It is being said that the Maldives tourism industry is the largest revenue generator which surely makes us wonder why everyone is so crazy going to the Maldives.

Well, you might not visit the place directly but we are sure that this reading would certainly give you an enriching experience that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.

So, without packing your bags and booking the tickets, let’s visit the brightest place in the world- The Maldives!

About The Maldives

Situated in the southwest of India and Sri Lanka, Maldives is the smallest and the second least populous country in Asia. It is a state group of islands surrounded by oceans, rivers, or lakes, having more than 1000 impressive islands and provides marine life with 26 coral atolls.

Things to do in Maldives - What Makes It So Special?
  • A PERFECT BLEND OF SOLITUDE AND ADVENTURE Who doesn’t love a little “me time”, where you can relax on an island long enough to think that you own the place? In the Maldives, nobody can disturb you, everyone is so distant enjoying their life that you will forget all the problems, all the grudges against any people and will be able to find yourself! You can try plenty of water sports like canoeing, kayaking, jet-skiing, etc with the help of the instructors of the best resorts who can guide you no matter your skill level.
  • MALDIVIAN CULTURE Soaked in rich culture and tradition, the Maldivian culture is a mixture of Indonesian, Sri-Lankan, Indian, Persian, Malaysian, and even African cultures. Maldivians are extremely welcoming and friendly people who will do anything to make your stay unforgettable. Boduberu dance is the most popular folk dance which has been dated back to the 11th century, performed by more than 15 people with one lead singer and a lot of drums. This is the best way to entertain visitors with one such Bodu Beru dance to make their evenings more happening. The dance and song styles are influenced by east and southwest Africa.
  • LIFE UNDERWATERS The underwater marine life combining the sea turtles, manta rays, and barracuda swimming into the dynamic coral reef makes this place special and gives the best reason to dive into marine life. There will be a variety of fishes that will accompany your swimming experience and will make your life pure joy.
  • A NEW START If you want a brand new start in your life or want to start with something special that you never want to lose, then take a step forward with the beautiful turquoise water spreading everywhere that will revive every single organ of the body and make your life purposeful. Spend time with your loved ones and realize what a beauty you were missing all these years. No wonder, why so many couples on their honeymoon visit this place.
  • EXPERIENCE THE LOCAL CUISINE One of the reasons why people love this place is because they get to taste the local food like Maldivian curry with tuna. Having water in every direction assures them of having the best fishes in the entire world. Their food also consists of soups, curries, and dishes served with rice and are prepared with a lot of spices. If you are a vegetarian, then also you don’t want to worry about anything because they have Indian restaurants to make your fingers licking. Fruits like coconuts, pineapples, and mangoes are locally grown and are also fully organic that makes them super healthy and tasty to eat.
  • EXOTIC SPAS In 2017, Maldives was voted as the best destination for spas by the renowned world spa awards of the Indian Ocean. The people of Maldives can never make their visitors unsatisfied and non-pampered and give the best treatment that rejuvenates the soul and brings peace to the mind and the body. Over the years, spas have become an integral part of any resort of the Maldives that makes the stay luxurious and super calm. They have their way to make the visitors happy by providing various kinds of spas like - Jiva Grande, Sundari Ayurvedic, Duniye, Veli, etc.
  • BIOLUMINESCENCE WATER UNDER THE STARS Bioluminescence is light generated by a chemical reaction within a living organism. It causes the sea to glow in a starry night sky in the reefs of the Maldives. One of the things that make the Maldives the place like no other is because we can almost feel walking over the stars looking like diamonds in the sea. This is the defense mechanism used to keep away fishes and marine life animals and is not so scientifically friendly but walking through them can make the journey unforgettable and always cherishable. It is a beautiful phenomenon referred to as the “sea of stars” that happens during the late summer. You can experience this lively scene at Vaadhoo Island, Maldives.
  • ARCHITECTURAL SITES The major religion of the Maldives is Islam and therefore, many artistic mosques are located on the Male Island. The Grand Mosque at the Islamic Centre with the Arabic calligraphy, its glistening golden dome, and wooden carvings on the walls and the library is the largest in the Maldives. There are several spectacular mosques which are examples of coral stonework, lacquer work, and wooden carvings which will not only make the visit luxurious but also will deeply connect you with the divine and divine powers.

We would be kidding if we say that the Maldives is only popularized by social media and there’s nothing to do more in it. It’s a place full of romance, solitude, love, happiness that would make your heart full and it’s a pure blessing as heaven. Even though the trip to the Maldives is pretty much expensive, it doesn’t leave us wondering why everyone is so crazy going to the Maldives.

We hope you have mentally traveled to this place and made it very happening full of surprises.

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