How to do Local City Marketing for Your Small Business: Best Methods

In this digital era where everybody is present online & look for their solutions through phones, doing local marketing for your small business is beneficial & cost-effective.
By Will Courtney - Jun 9 2021 3:18PM - 2657 Read
Secret to Marketing Your Business to Local Customers Revealed

Local marketing refers to marketing methods and approaches that target potential clients within a 50-mile radius of a business. Neighborhood marketing, often known as location-based marketing, can include both traditional offline and internet marketing that is locally oriented. Local marketing nowadays frequently incorporates both tactics. Today, in this article, we will look at 7 best ways to marketing your small business to local customers.

Fun Fact: 88% of mobile online searches for local businesses result in either a call or business visit within one day.
7 Ways to Promote Your Business on a Local Level

Local SEO

Local search marketing, often known as local SEO, is a subset of local area marketing. Local search marketing refers to methods for ensuring that potential local customers find a business in search results, location pages, and online maps.

Explanation: Local SEO searches result in 50% of mobile consumers visiting stores within 24 hours. However, without local SEO, this would not be achievable. Local SEO is the procedure of optimizing your website to rank for terms and keywords that are relevant to your area. Here, Google Trends is a valuable tool for determining which phrases are prevalent in your area and your sector.

Targeted Email Marketing

When it comes to local marketing, email marketing is a very powerful yet sometimes underestimated channel. A well-thought-out email marketing approach will enable you to:

  • Create a list of potential customers.
  • Send out regular newsletters and emails to consumers and prospects
  • Send unique coupons, discount codes, and event invitations.
  • Customize your service based on interactions and transactions.
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website, phone calls, and foot traffic to your company location.

All of these efforts might help you keep your company in front of your clients and earn their trust.

Local Influencer Marketing

Small businesses can also use local influencer marketing to promote their brand. You'll need to discover appropriate influencers who can help promote your items or services to their audience, just like global influencer marketing.

However, ensure seeing whether your influencer can reach your target customers through his following, whether he represents your business well, and whether he charges a reasonable amount.

Referral Programs

One of my favorite ways to get new clients without doing any work is implementing a client referral program. The goal of this technique is to have your existing customers handle all of the heavy liftings. It's a strategy that emphasizes customer retention and customer acquisition, the two most critical retail drivers.

Incentive for Referring

You must provide an incentive to both parties in order to make your referral program successful. For each referral, reward your current consumers. It motivates them to get out in their network and refer as many individuals as possible to your local business.

The new consumer, on the other hand, will require some sort of inducement to entice them through the door. They'll start referring new consumers if they're happy with their buy.

Fun Fact: 97% of people learn more about a local company online than any other medium

Google My Business

Consumers use Google to locate businesses in their areas. If you want to be found by customers in your neighborhood, make sure your business appears in both Google Maps and Google Search's local results section. How do you go about doing that? The official word for a Google business listing is Google My Business.

Free Listing but Unlimited Benefits

This free listing will not only help you gain more consumers, but it will also help you gain more visibility in local search. This is because the listing offers all of the information a customer requires to make an informed judgment about your company and even engage with it.

Customer Reviews

Most customers read reviews before purchasing a new product or trying out a new service, so having testimonials on your side, especially from people who live in the same area or neighborhood as those who are reading them, may give your business some credibility and brand trust.

If the reviewer uses their city or another local phrase in their review, it can enhance your search ranks.

Review Tip

Create a follow-up approach to begin accumulating online reviews and encourage them across all platforms

  • Google,
  • Yelp,
  • Facebook,
  • Trust Pilot
  • Instagram
  • Directories

Paid Advertising

Take measures to localize paid Internet advertising & include local keywords and the name of your city in your headlines and copy, and use location extensions whenever possible. For increased local authenticity, you can link to your Google company page or provide your local phone number in AdWords.

Mobile Optimize Your Ads

You can also optimize for mobile paid marketing with Google Local Inventory Ads and "Near Me" Searches, which are meant to make it easier for online customers to find and identify inventory accessible at a company's local location (s).

Local City Marketing : Best for Small Businesses

So, this was all about local marketing your small business or startup. In this article, we broke down local marketing and a slew of helpful strategies to help you get started. However, choosing an expert for all your local marketing needs would help you better. Make sure to choose some affordable marketer (not cheap & bad quality), like SEOYug.com, to get you started.

Local marketing is a must-have strategy if your company caters to a local audience, offers many service regions, and has a physical site.

Will Courtney
Will Courtney

I am the founder of First Point Design & a behavior design instructor at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University and has more than twenty years of behavior insights experience working with Fortune 50 companies to solve their most important behavior challenges. I am an expert in applying behavior science to marketing. I live in Dallas with my wife and family.

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