One Plus Watch Review Analysis: Screen, Features, & Performance

One Plus Watch Review: Worth Settling for this Smart Gadget

By Michael Brown May 3 2021 2:42PM 2098 Read
One Plus Watch Review: Worth Settling for this Smart Gadget?

OnePlus released their latest product, "OnePlus Smartwatch", that everyone has been waiting for. A brand like One Plus with acclaimed smartphones under its belt didn't venture out of its comfort zone for many years. It was only in recent times that the brand decided to explore other markets outside of TV and phones. After the initial release of the product's first fitness band last year, the announcement for the watch's launch, which was cancelled sometime in 2015-16, was still pretty much under the wraps. But was it worth the wait, or is it one of the many that will be overlooked? Grab your seats as we dive deep into the different segments of the OnePlus smartwatch.

OnePlus Smart Watch Review Analysis

One Plus Watch Specifications:

1.39”, 454 x 454 HD, AMOLED 2.5D glass touchscreen, ~ 326 PPI | STM32 processor with 4GB storage | Bluetooth 5 + NFC | GPS | 402mAh battery | 46mm (watch case) | 45g without strap| Rate in India: 14,999

OnePlus Watch Design:

Oozing branded, the watch is designed in classic black that is simple and functional. The circular touch screen is polished with stainless steel and supported by fluor elastomer straps. The display glass is scratch-resistant and showcases the minimalistic style. There are two buttons on the side with the brand's logo, one opens the app try, and the other is the power switch of the watch.

The watch's face is bright and big enough for the brand to add in the torch feature, and the ample 326ppi pixel density is sharp enough to display the key features and home screen. As it has fitness tracking, the watch is water-resistant and rated IP68 and 5ATM. It is just like an extension of your smartphone, so you don't need to pick up your broad phone after every ping.

One Plus Watch Software And Features:

Unlike other brands, the OnePlus smartphone has the OS of its brand with added extra features to boot. Of course, you can control the UI using the function button on the side and touch screen. You navigate through the watch by tapping or swiping to the left edge.

The battery life is undoubtedly the best feature of the device lasting up to two weeks non-stop. It is an impressive feat for a smartwatch. The charging dock is though unique. It can be kept as a backup for whenever you need it.

The functions provided by the watch are, though, pretty much similar to other branded smartwatches such as Apple and Samsung, such as workouts, activity tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate monitor, stress monitor, blood oxygen sensor, alarms, timers, and so forth. The UI is fast and relatively fluid to respond as it scrolls at 60fps. But most of the features are pretty common that can be observed in other smartwatches and the notification, the scrolling features, and other built-in apps.

Currently, OnePlus has 15 face designs, except for one built-in. The remaining can be installed after getting familiar with the device settings and model. You can adjust the design of the face design, colour scheme and add/remove depending on your preference. Currently, the product does not have any third-party support, but it is a likely scenario that the company may add more features on future updates. It makes it a little harder to predict what to expect.

One Plus Watch Fitness Tracking:

This feature plays a major role in marking the product among its competitions. It has the same functionality as the fitness band, which was released last year, plus more. As it is observed, like in other devices, the OnePlus smartwatch also has built-in GPS installed by default to track your activities, count steps, etc. with few sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, barometer, blood oxygen sensor, and heart rate monitor for better tracking of record.

It can be used for a various number of outdoor activities as it is dust and water-resistant, unfortunately excluding gym workouts. Therefore, you can't use it to count your reps and other relative measures, and the lack of an on-display feature makes it's a little convenient as a specific gesture is required to power on the watch. The 2GB free storage space allows you to play the playlist of your desire as you get a good jog or run.

The health app is also on par with the fitness track. Since the watch is convenient and easy to wear, it is comfortable to sleep with the device on your wrist. While you rest, the device tracker will track your oxygen levels and keep a record of your sleeping pattern in the app. However, it does not record your stress level and focuses more on the blood oxygen pattern of your body. The counts are more or less accurate and reliable.

The above-average tracking features will be favourable for most people as it saves the stress of downloading a separate app for your specific needs. However, it also lacks several features as well such as menstrual tracking or tracks any kind of training related to rowing, cycling, etc., which is a little disappointing.


The smartwatch is on par with the watches available in the market. Most of the above-average and exceptional features, like the impressive, long-lasting battery and fitness tracker, the appealing model is bound to attract health-conscious people. Of course, many have the same features available that are cost-effective but remember they are not OnePlus.

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