Sony PS 5 Review & Analysis: Performance, Games, and Design

PlayStation 5 Review: The Most Awaited Gaming Console

By John Wilson May 3 2021 2:15PM 3032 Read
PlayStation 5 Review: The Most Awaited Gaming Console

The most awaited gaming console that made every gaming console lover wait is here to make its first impression. As we all know that, it has become a trendsetter by Sony to make PlayStations one of a kind with its out-of-the-box thinking. And, this PS5 is no different from its predecessor. This new console has every feature which was not available in previous consoles. It comes with a power-packed CPU, as well as GPU with lightning-fast SSD combined with the new DualSense controller.

PS5 comes with a lot of new features, but it has some drawbacks as well. The big bulky design is the real problem that the user might face while handling the console. And, those with limited space have to think before investing. It is hard to come to a quick verdict when it comes to this gaming console. But, the speed, gaming performance, or whatever one can observe is a class above. Currently, most PS5 games are available on PS4, so it is a tough decision to make whether to upgrade right now or not.

PS5 Review: Pricing details

The price of the new PS5 in India is Rs39,990 for the Digital Edition and, for the regular edition, it is Rs 49,990. It is going to take a big bite in your pocket. The price is $399 and $499 in the US which is comparatively less.

PS5 Review: Interface

The UI is as simple and beautiful as it can be, just like the PS4, however this time, it is quick to act. When compared, it looks the same but, PS4 feels slow. Many exciting features just add more to its uniqueness.

The homescreen looks familiar to РS4, with а horizontal row of tiles that displays recent games. It also allows you to directly stream on YouTube, which gives you much of the PS4 experience. And, when the game is selected, its title takes over the whole screen and plays the game's music in the background.

There is more coming up which is to be revealed about UI. The background adapts to the highlighted game and, that's cool. The user can even customize the control centre to gain quick access to many features. This customization option was missing in the earlier models. The real interface comes alive when the game starts. One real problem that every user will encounter is the lack of a Quick Resume feature, which allows jumping between many games while picking up right where you left off in each case.

PS5 Review: DualSense Controller

The PS5 DualSense controller is a generation ahead of the rival Microsoft's Xbox. The triggers, haptic feedback, and built-in speakers and mic work in a synchronized manner which improves the gaming experience and also takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. In many games, you can sense walking through the storm or falling on the ground, skating over the ice, and many more.

The new controller has even got a built-in microphone to talk to a friend while playing multiplayer games. A built-in speaker in the controller did its job pretty well. There is no requirement for headphones when playing with this controller.

There is one issue with this tech that not all games run with these triggers and sensors. It is limited to only a few games currently, as many PS4 games do not support it.

PS5 Review: Performance

It is power-packed with an 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor, 10.3 teraflops of graphic power combined with powerful SSD, eliminating the chance of low frame rate or any other problem. It also gives 4K graphics which provides realistic quality to the games. It has been observed that the processing time has reduced drastically in the new PS5. The table shows that PS5 took 20 seconds less to open the same game as compared to PS4.

When compared, these were the results that followed up:

Boot-Time 22 sec 30 sec
Spiderman (Startup) 12 sec 12 sec
Spiderman(menu to Gameplay) 2 sec 20 sec

We can just say that the performance is flawless. You are not going to miss any opportunity to bring in your real enthusiasm for the games.

PS5 Review: Backwards Compatibility

It is no hidden truth that the games are costly, so this time Sony has done some homework. They made PS4 games compatible with PS5, which's a huge step forward. Both, digital and standard, versions of PS5 work great with PS4 games. Even games that couldn't support a high frame rate on PS4 now run smoothly and with a higher frame rate on PS5.

PS5 Review: Apps

It runs most of the entertainment apps you will need like Disney Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Apple Tv Plus. They work the same as they were in PS4.

All the applications I tested loaded quickly, and access to these apps is now just a click away on the home screen.

PS5 Review: Heat and Noise

The big internal fans and large vents cool down the PS5, and noticeably, it was quiet all the time. Even after playing for hours, there was no noise or heat build-up. But in PS4, there were a lot of noises even while downloading the games.

PS5 Review: Verdict

So, in total, PS5 is arguably the most uniquely and perfectly designed gaming console. Also, when it comes to performance, it is just super fast and compatible with PS4 games, and load even better. But, its big bulky body is a big drawback, and anyone ready to spend $499 must wait for Microsoft's Xbox Series X, which might give something more than what PS5 is offering.

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