Which Methods of Digital Advertising Should You Use? Best Guide

Digital advertising has replaced traditional advertising methods and the reasons are good cost efficiency, effectiveness, and traceability.
By Ella Williams - Jun 1 2021 5:54PM - 2388 Read
Digital Advertise Your Products for Maximum Benefit: Types of Digital Advertising

We’ve witnessed an enormous increase in digital marketing in our many years of working with internet-related items. You’d have been a fool investing in digital marketing 20 years ago, but today it is a must. Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to organizations. In comparison to print marketing and television and radio advertising, it is thought to be less expensive. In a manner that non-digital marketing and advertising cannot, digital marketing campaigns are easy to set up, execute, and monitor and the outcomes are traceable and quantifiable. Simply put, we have entered the digital age.

Digital Advertising: Change in Trend

Digital advertising has dominated the marketing sector, and it will only continue to expand and dominate. That is why keeping up with the latest trends is critical for businesses, advertisers, and marketers! But, with so many various sorts of digital advertising to choose from, how is anyone meant to keep up with it all? By doing ongoing research and ensuring that they are aware of the many sorts.

There are many types of digital advertising, including:

  • Audio Advertising
  • Retargeting Advertising
  • Native Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Paid Search Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Advertising (SMM)
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
8 Different Methods of Advertising

1. Audio Advertising

Users may listen to their favorite music and podcasts on audio streaming services like Spotify and Gaana, which have enormous audiences. Marketers can target these listeners with recorded commercials that play in between songs using audio advertising. Users can usually opt-out of commercials by purchasing a streaming service membership.

Reason to Use

Spotify is one of the most popular apps globally, with users spending an average of 25 hours each month listening to music on the platform. Audio commercials overcome banner blindness, are impossible to skip without paying a monthly subscription fee, and allow advertisers to send targeted messages.

2. Retargeting/ Remarketing Advertising

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a sort of display advertising that focuses on people who have previously interacted with your website or brand. Cookies are used to identify users who have previously visited your website and give them adverts for your brand to rekindle their interest and urge them to return and complete a transaction.

Reason to Use

Users who have already interacted with your brand have already expressed an interest in your items and are more likely to convert to consumers than users who have never heard of your brand. Retargeting, for example, is a crucial driver of advertising ROI for online ecommerce and SaaS enterprises.

3. Native Advertising

Native advertising is described as any sort of advertising meant to blend in with the surrounding material in terms of appearance and feel. Product placements or reviews in a video, display adverts on a page that blend in with the surrounding graphics, or textual adverts embedded into a piece of content are all examples of native advertising.

Reason to Use

Native adverts look more trustworthy because they blend in with the contents of a page. For the same reason, they are less disruptive and have a lower impact on user experience. When users interact with native advertisements, they may not even realize they’re clicking on advertising. As a consequence, as compared to typical display ads, native advertisements typically result in improved engagement and a higher CTR.

4. Video Advertising

Video advertising encompasses all types of internet advertising that contain videos, particularly those that appear at the start or middle of video streaming material on sites such as YouTube.

Reason to Use

Smartphone users spend more than 3 hours each day on their devices, and a large portion of that time is spent watching video material on the internet. Video advertising is becoming a more popular medium for advertisers to engage customers with compelling messages that generate clicks and purchases as mobile video usage continues to climb.

5. Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

Paid search advertising display at the top of relevant search results on search engines such as Google and Bing. A ‘Text Advertising’ with a headline, description, and a link to the target URL is known as a sponsored search adv.

Reason to Use

Because paid search adverts are triggered by search queries, they are generally more relevant to the viewer’s goals than display adverts. Users are more likely to read and engage with paid search advertising since they appear at the top of the search engine results page. Paid search ads usually have a greater click-through rate and result in more conversions than display ads.

6. Social media Advertising

When a business or digital marketer pays to promote content on a social platform, this is known as social media advertising. The Big 5: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter are the most popular social media sites for advertising.

Reason to Use

A key benefit of social media advertising is that viewers may like, share, and comment on material advertised on social media. This broadens the reach of social media advertising and generates a large number of low-cost interactions, resulting in improved brand recognition and sales.

7. Display Advertising

The placing of banner adverts on websites that publish adverts is referred to as display advertising. Graphics, video, music, and textual elements can all be used in banner adverts to entice people to click the banner and visit the destination URL. A display advertising network, such as the Google Display Network, is widely used to distribute banner ads to ad publishing websites.

Reason to Use

Google Display Network display adverts are often delivered to websites with comparable topic matter, targeting users interested in the ad’s content. Because display advertising is not always contextually relevant to the user, they have a lower click-through rate than paid search advertisements. Display advertising is still a terrific method to get the word out about your company and raise brand recognition in the industry.

8. Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is emerging and rising as the best medium for selling products and services to mobile users in North America, as consumers spend increasing amounts of time on their phones. SMS messaging commercials, as well as mobile banners and in-app promotions, are all examples of mobile advertising.

Reason to Use

Mobile advertising is becoming increasingly crucial for reaching customers where they spend the most time and grabbing their interest and attention as they spend more time surfing the internet or using applications on their mobile phones.

Digital Advertising: Right Marketer

So, this was all about digital advertising. Many people today do it themselves, but still, it is recommended to hire an expert for maximum results. Trying it yourself and putting your money, efforts, and time, and you might still fail, doesn’t sound like a good deal.

Some experts, like SEOYUG, provide the best advice and services at an affordable price. You can also take a free consultation with them here. These experts know how to optimize content and use retargeting for better results.

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