Why K-Dramas are becoming Suddenly so Popular in India?

The Rise of K-Dramas in India: Reasons & Where to Watch?

By Reva Jain Apr 28 2021 1:26PM 3777 Read
The Rise of K-Dramas in India: Reasons & Where to Watch?

Do you believe that people can be motivated to learn different languages because of few dramas that are being highly popular? Well, I guess so.

With the sudden rise of K-dramas in India, Indians are getting crazy over South-Korean cultures and language that their love is being overflowed on social media and various OTT platforms.

At least 6 K-dramas have been highlighted on Netflix India’s Top 10 Trending list.

It has also been reported by Netflix that viewing increased more than 370% in 2020 as compared to 2019, all because of the whole- India lockdown, and even now, people are obsessed over it, and not a day passes by that they’re reluctant to watch it.

From Gangnam style (song released in 2012) to BTS and other K-pop songs and artists, South Koreans have been creating records since 2010, and with the K-dramas, they have more fans all over the world.

But what made them so popular in India?

let’s drill over it-

Reasons that have made Indians totally in love with K-dramas are:

5 Top Reasons Why Korean Dramas are Popular in India “Feel good” vibes

K-dramas are filled with emotions, and once you start watching them, you just cannot stop. They will cheer you up, make you emotional, you can cry over the super cute scenes, but in the end, they will leave a huge smile on your face. During the lockdown, when people needed distraction from negative vibes, unhealthy news, K-dramas became their savior and fed them happy vibes!

Not just their writing quality but also their production values have helped to increase their viewership. The cinematic qualities of many of these shows are equivalent to network channel series’ in the United States, which makes these shows even more interesting.

Breaking stereotypes

All the South Asian cultures are more likely the same. They promote patriarchy, Toxic masculinity, etc. K-dramas have been breaking stereotypes since they got released like men can’t cry, and they aren’t weak or emotional. In the series, they have portrayed men crying or being sad, which is humane. We can also see women fighting for their rights, being vocal, communicating their opinions, and trying to live their life the best, which is commendable.

They promote gender equality, human rights, which impresses and inspires many Indians by the great storyline and their way of expressing themselves.

Better than Indian daily soaps

Every Indian daily soap is based on the battle between daughter and her mother in law, they are showcasing more likely the same thing from the last 50 years, and these shows are never-ending. They are being continued and somehow tend to be boring. On the one hand, Indian soaps portray toxic cultures, while on the other, K-dramas have been highly relaxing and promote an environment where we can nurture and build ourselves. K-dramas are also very family-friendly. We can watch some of their shows with our whole family over our favorite flavor of popcorn!

Easy to binge

Unlike American shows, K-dramas are very short and sweet, with a series enduring for about 12 to 13 episodes in many instances. It makes hooking up on a show less of a severe task. Furthermore, another difference is that many K-Dramas seldom have more than a duo of seasons. This enables viewers to binge and to generally consume the show in a much different manner than to watch American shows. It also supports projects to complete on a powerful note compared to some being extended beyond their expiration date.

Online trip to South-Korea

Another way by which they were able to capture millions of hearts is because of their cultural content that amazed viewers and, during the pandemic, provided an online trip to South Korea.

The term adopted to illustrate the extent of Korean entertainment and cultures to different parts of the world is Hallyu or Korean wave. Korean Dramas lovers are pursuing a variety of experiences, eating Korean food like kimchi. They are learning Korean fashion, music and also learning the language to understand those dramas more clearly.

Some fans are also planning to visit South Korea to gain their own experiences and culture.

Through these dramas, Koreans are expanding their tourism and spreading awareness about their country.

If you are planning to watch them with your family, then you can go for these ten family-friendly shows, that are:

10 Top Family Korean Drams to Watch
  • My Daughter, Seo Young
  • Good Doctor
  • It’s okay not to be okay
  • Father is strange
  • Ojakgyo brothers
  • The “reply” series
  • What happens to my family
  • I’ll take care of you
  • Shining Inheritance
  • Smile you
Top 7 sites to Watch K-Dramas
  • Asiancrush - It is a free site with varieties of dramas.
  • Hulu- You need to pay for its subscription; otherwise, the trial is free.
  • Viki- It is a free app but with lots of ads.
  • Netflix- Pay for the subscription; trial is free
  • Dramafever- It is the most popular site where you can freely stream with Indian subtitles.
  • Gooddrama.to - It has Chinese, Japanese, with Korean dramas
  • Dramago - It is a wholesome site for Korean dramas.

If you haven’t watched Kdramas yet, then what are you waiting for?

Watch them and know more reasons that made them so highly popular in India!

Annyeong (Korean way to say Goodbye)!

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