6 Male Actors that Entertained Our 2020

6 Indian Actors that Stole the Showbiz in 2020

By Reva Jain Apr 25 2021 5:41PM 2609 Read
6 Indian Actors that Stole the Showbiz in 2020

The year 2020 was a rough year for everyone, where many people lost everything and started from scratch. It was also the year where Bollywood and the entertainment industry failed miserably. Due to the rise of OTT (over the top) platforms, few actors got the chance to entertain us and became highly successful in their career.

Because of lockdown, people started watching movies and TV series more regularly. They found few male actors who were unappreciated or got less attention, highly entertaining that made the audience, mostly the youth, crazy over them.

We have listed six male actors who got more attention from the public and made our 2020 highly entertaining, they are:

6 Actors that Stole the Limelight in 2020 ROHIT SARAF

He appeared in the movie ludo, and a web series Mismatched both on Netflix made everyone crazy about his character and the acting skills.

Ludo was the movie that depicted the lives of 4 people and how their life got messy as the game of ludo and how they try to sort everything but somehow fall together on the same web.

Rohit played the role of Rahul Awasthi, who was a struggling worker who was tortured and humiliated by his boss and later left the job and found a treasure of lots of money and tried to escape from a gang.

Mismatched was a rom-com show where he played Rishi, a hopeless romantic person who falls in love with Dimple that Prajakta Koli played.

Although his first movie was Dear Zindagi, released in 2016, he received a great amount of love from all over the country that even made his followers almost doubled on social media after mismatched.

People also started creating his fan accounts and posted edits for him.

No doubt, he became the most beloved actor of 2020.


You might know him for his work in scam 1992 which was the biggest game-changer web series made till now.

He has an engineering background and used to work in a job. Still, since he was always passionate about acting and being on the stage, he applied and got selected in a Gujarati film that did extremely well that made him leave his stable job at 36.

He worked in various Gujarati cinema and theatre but was finally recognized and appreciated for his efforts in Scam 1992 that took 180 degrees in his life.


He is known for his work in Bandish Bandits, which showcased the new concept of classical music blending with the latest pop music, as Radhe released on Amazon prime video.

Earlier, he worked as a supporting artist in 2 Bollywood movies and made his acting debut in office vs office in 2017.

Ritwik has appeared in various brand commercials and did ramp walk for the same.

He was also there in FilterCopy videos, but after Bandish bandit, he received extreme attention and love from the audience.


If you still don't know him for his acting in Special ops on Hotstar, then you've missed watching an awesome thriller web series that received eight nominations at the Filmfare OTT Awards and won two of them.

Special ops was a family show released during the starting of lockdown that entertained and kept us away from all the tension of Covid-19. KK. Menon played Himmat Singh, who was an R & AW agent assigned for the case of the parliament attack of 2001.

His acting and the way he built his strongest team to fight for the case was brilliant.


He has remained quite an underrated actor since the beginning of his acting career. Still, his role in the web series, Ashram as a Baba Nirala, was not a preacher but a cheater & guaranteed that his believers should dedicate their wealth to him. The character demanded devotee’s attachment to the Ashram for life and made sure his supporters must have blind trust in him and were willing to do anything that he asks of them, was extraordinary and unbelievable.

He surely made our 2020 entertaining and returned to the industry with the groundbreaking performance of Baba Nirala in Aashram.


There is no doubt that he is one of the most fun and inspiring actors who worked in various TVF projects and later starred in a movie with Ayushman Khurrana in 2020- Shubh Mangal Jyada Savdhaan. The movie was based on a gay couple who fight their battle for homosexuality and against homophobia in the country. It was beautifully portrayed, and the message was strongly depicted.

Later, Jitendra Kumar got a lead role in panchayat on Amazon prime video. This series is based around the young secretary of a modern town who starts working in the Panchayat office in Phulera, Uttar Pradesh and his regular struggles with adjusting to this life and his fresh job. To get away from this problem and adjustment, he tries to attempt the Common Admission Test (CAT) to get admission to the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM).

It was produced by TVF and was extensively admired by viewers and critics equally.

Final Words

Although 2020 was the year that nobody wants to remember, still it has given us some of the outstanding shows and movies that to binge-watch upon. The shows also helped us to be distracted from the pandemic and made us realize the existence of certain actors that couldn't get the spotlight otherwise.

These were the actors who helped us during the whole year and helped themselves have a more successful career in the entertainment industry.

If you've more suggestions, then let us know!

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