Top 6 Home Workouts Everybody can Do without Equipment

Top 6 Home Workout Without Equipment (Full Body)
By Shruti Chandnani - Apr 1 2021 2:48PM - 4299 Read
Top 6 Home Workout Without Equipment (Full Body)

Keeping your body healthy and in shape helps in proper functioning and ensures the long life of an individual. However, this doesn’t come easy as it considers a variety of things, including a healthy diet, yoga, stretching, and exercising.

The point where most people get stuck in the part of exercising. People are busy with their work schedules and can’t make time to go to the gym, hiring trainers at home makes things difficult in terms of money, and self-workouts often start but end very fast because of a lack of knowledge and skill.

Here in this article, we shall discuss the top 6 do yourself at home exercises that don’t require that much skill but are effective and most importantly cover all body muscles. Beginners in the field can also do it very efficiently.

Starting with a Warm-Up

Always start the workout after 5 – 10 minutes of stretching. Stretching can include rolling of the head (side to side, up and down and circling), wrist circles, feet circles, and side bending. Then start the workout from the bottom and go all the way up to the top:


Sitting for a longer duration, as most jobs require, can make fat accumulate upon the muscles of our lower body. Following are 2 exercises which will help to melt that fat.


The most famous and effective lower body exercise that can be done anywhere is done by spreading your feet shoulder-width apart, then by joining both your hands in front of your chest let your body go all the way down.


Make sure your back is straight and not arched, your heels are on the floor and not raised, your knees are pointing outwards and not inwards and the pressure should build upon your thighs and glutes and not the knees. Make sure that you are sitting and not bending.

This position should be maintained for 2 seconds and then repeated 20 times. 3 sets of this will make your glutes burn. This helps in strengthening your core, lose inner thigh fat and help to define your lower body.


The variation of squat is the wide squat. Similar to squat, wide squat is a lower body exercise and can be done anywhere at home. The difference between the two is the distance between the feet.


In this exercise the distance is wider than that of the squat, i.e., more than shoulder-width apart and the feet are pointing outwards. Hold your hands in front of your chest and go all the way down.

Take all the precautions that are mentioned for squats. This position should be maintained for 2 seconds and repeated 20 times. 3 sets should be done to target your inner thighs, calves, and glutes.

Certain variations of squats are jump squats, frog jump, squat walk, and lunges (forward and reverse) that can also be done for more impact on the lower body.


Burning belly fat is not easy as the cells in this area get very little oxygen compared to all the other parts and hence the movement of these cells is very less which causes the accumulation of fats in these cells. Following are 2 exercises for stubborn belly fat.


Crunches being the most basic exercise that can be done anywhere at home targets the abs and helps move those stagnant cells of the abdomen.


Start by lying down on the floor, place your legs on a wall and raise your head. Engage your core and try and lift your upper body, bring it to your knees. Hold this position for 2 seconds and then lie down on your back again.

Your back should be entirely on the floor when you lie down and the neck should not be strained in the exercise.

After you have mastered this position, move your legs on the floor in a bent position and then try and lift your upper body without lifting your feet. Repeat this 20 times and do 3 sets to get those defined abs.


Be in the same position as that of crunches but with your feet in the air, in a bent position close to your abdomen. Engage your core and lift your head. Place your hands on your head. Take all the precautions that are mentioned for crunches.


Make alternative movements of your hands in such a way that at a time one hand touches the opposite leg and then the next time the other hand touches the other opposite leg, this makes one movement. Repeat this 20 times, 3 sets are recommended to makes those abs work.


Taking support for your back while sitting or sitting with the wrong posture can affect the muscles of the upper body. Lack of movement of the upper body muscles causes accumulation of fat over them. Following are 2 exercises for burning that fat.


It is a simple, yet effective exercise for your arms and back. Start by spreading your arms in the air, in opposite direction, circling them clockwise, and repeat the movement 20 times. Then circle them in the anticlockwise direction and repeat the movement 20 times. 3 sets of this variation will ensure the toning of your arms.


Don't let your arms fall for the entire one round and ensure that the arms aren’t bent. Feel the muscles of your back working and ensure that your neck is not strained in the entire round.


This exercise focuses on your abdomen and lowers back. Start with a push-up position and keep both the palms flat on the floor, engage the core, now touch your right shoulder with your left palm and vice versa.


One alternative movement makes 1 round. Repeat this 20 times. 3 sets will ease the lower back pain and help tighten the core. Make your back is straight and not arched and you are on your toes.


After completing this entire routine, at least 5 times a week, stretch your body properly to avoid muscle soreness and any kind of muscle injury. The reason behind stretching before and after the workout is simple that it opens your muscles leading to smooth movements.

Shruti Chandnani
Shruti Chandnani

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