Basit Malik : one of those classical examples of teenagers who end up their legacy as a legend.

At the age of 18, when most teens are trying to convince their parents to allow them to attend a school trip, Basit Malik started his online carrier and today is one of the most successful musicians, models and actors in Pakistan

By Saurabh Mishra Nov 14 2022 2:30PM 1946 Read

Basit Malik is an Musical Artists & Model Actor who has gained expertise in the strategies, tips, and tricks of Acting, Modling and is making a difference in the virtual world by guiding and teaching his followers love from his supporters needless to say that he has a huge fan base. The 26-year-old was born on 21 January 1996 in Karachi. Malik has been declared a verified musical artist, youtuber and a model-actor by big international companies. He uses daily routine to create new music with his own ideas which connect the local listeners with his music and most of the time his music gives motivation to listeners. His most of the lyrics are based on the society and on social issues which he use in his music to wake up the public from dream neglect. Basit Malik music is not bounded to just a single type but almost all genres additionally, it with subscribers in millions he has acquired many fan following over music Platforms like, Spotify, Amazon music, pandort, Apple music, facebook, Instagram, tiktok, resso, soundtrack, SoundCloud, deezer, saavn, boomplay, Anghami, kkbox, and a lot more.

Not only this BASIT got "Recognising Talent In Modling" award for her talent. He has gained popularity mainly for Acting and his Instagram profile. His Facebook page has about 14000 likes and 11000 followers with thousands of views on youtube and Instagram account has 16000 followers. Malik uses his platform to not only endorse brands via sponsorship but also to inspire people to strive and achieve their dreams. He is passionate about not only music, modelling, acting but also making YouTube videos. Keeping a good balance of his personal and professional life Basit Malik proves out to be a true winner.

Basit, is ready to take the Hip-Hop industry by storm with his self-taught skills and serve as an inspiration for others to continue living their lives and chasing their dreams. As a matter of fact, hanif malik has redefined the value of skills and perseverance for the youth as he continues to be a role model for thousands.

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