Impactful branding trends 2022 set by an impactful entrepreneur Bhavik Mehta.

He has taken Thinkin’Birds Communications Pvt. Ltd as a Founder and Brand Chief to a new level of success in a decade.
By Anil Diggiwal - Nov 14 2022 2:39PM - 998 Read

Enough has been spoken about how a few entrepreneurs and experts have exceeded boundaries to reach their highest potential and become their best versions. Still, it feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know their genius and brilliance in their respective sectors. We couldn’t help but notice how Bhavik Mehta, as an ace Indian young business talent did the same in the branding and content world and made sure to garner major success for all his clients, mostly from the hospitality sector, through his branding and content-driven agency called Thinkin’Birds Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Today, this Brand Chief has discussed a few impactful branding trends for 2022.

  • Unconventional branding Think beyond doing the usual, says Bhavik Mehta, who has been noticing a swift change in branding, where many businesses are choosing disruptive or unconventional branding like showcasing a different side of a brand’s personality with messy layouts, amateur artwork, etc., for brand design to attract more attention.
  • Futuristic designs The digital wave has made possible things that once seemed out of reach. However, it has been noticed that a few brands have been embracing augmented-reality visions, like Facebook’s Metaverse, for creating futuristic designs. A mix of the real and aspirational while focusing on the consumers’ needs and demands can change the game in branding.
  • Brand mascots A brand mascot has the power to tell the story of the brand/company. This was a thing many years ago, and the trend has returned in 2022, which has called out clever branding designs that exude personality, values, and a bit of humour as well.
  • Neon coloursBrands today, for creating a more expressive presence, are making logos and designs that have neon colours, which has even helped them create fun and sparkly visual identities.

Bhavik Mehta (@iambkmehta) has always made sure to walk in trends with the changing times of the industry while staying close to his strong business work ethic and honesty in providing the best branding and content solutions to clients.

Anil Diggiwal
Anil Diggiwal

Anil Diggiwal is the Chief Editor for DigitalYug. He is particularly interested in business, in addition to international, online tale, quirky, and regional movies. Active in journalism for about a decade and a half, as well as a successful entrepreneur

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