How Kiran Bedi Converted her Conventional Life to an Extraordinary One?

Kiran Bedi is the first IPS Officer women of India and is also a social activist, politician, tennis player and was the Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry from the year 2016 to February 2021. She is also known as “Crane Bedi”.

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First IPS Officer Women Kiran Bedi – The Most Fearless Indian Women

Kiran Bedi is the first IPS officer women of India. Besides being an officer, she is also a social activist, politician, tennis player and was the Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry from the year 2016 to February 2021. She has not accomplished in only one field but has also shown her commendable works in many fields and is also known as “Crane Bedi”. Today, in this write-up, we will have a deep look at her life and the journey she made till now.

“People who do not take charge of their lives are lathi-charged by the time” - Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi Bio – Statistics

  • Full Name: Kiran Bedi
  • Date of Birth: 9th June 1949
  • Age: 72
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Place of Birth: Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Occupation: Retired police officer, tennis player, social activist, politician
  • Political Party: Bharatiya Janta Party
  • Education: BA Honors English, MA Political Science, LLB, Ph. D
  • Parents: Prakash Lal, Prem Lata
  • Spouse: Brij Bedi
  • Children: Saina Bedi

Kiran Bedi Bio – Early Life and Family

Kiran Bedi was born on 9th June 1949 in Amritsar, Punjab, to Prakash Lal and Prem Lata. She belonged to an affluent Punjabi business family. However, Kiran Bedi’s father, Prakash Lal, enrolled Kiran Bedi and her sisters on a convent school.

She has three sisters Shashi, Reeta and Anu and she was the second child.

Kiran Bedi Bio – Personal Life

Kiran Bedi was married to Brij Bedi on 9th March 1972, in a local Shivlaya temple. They had a daughter in the year 1975 named Saina Bedi, who originally was named Sukriti Bedi.

Kiran Bedi Bio – Education

Bedi belonged to a conservative family, and her grandfather Muni Lal opposed his grandchildren being educated in a Convent school. However, Kiran Bedi’s father, Prakash Lal, enrolled Kiran Bedi and her sisters on a convent school.

Education Timeline:

  • Bedi did her schooling at Sacred Heart Covent School
  • At that time, as science was not provided, so she joined Cambridge College in class 9
  • Bedi graduated from Government College for Women in the year 1968 with a BA Honors in English
  • She acquired a Master’s degree in political science from Punjab University, Chandigarh, in the year 1970
  • In the year 1998, she also earned a law degree from the University of Delhi
  • In 1993, she also secured a PhD degree from IIT Delhi’s Department of Social Science.

Kiran Bedi Bio – Tennis Career

Kiran Bedi started playing tennis at the age of 9 and was highly inspired by her father, Prakash Lal. She has also been a national champion.

She has won several tournaments such as:

  • 1976 - Gold Medal, National Sports Festival for Women
  • 1976 - National Women’s Lawn Tennis Championship
  • 1975 - All India Interstate Women’s Lawn Tennis Championship
  • 1974 - All India Hard Court Tennis championship
  • 1972 - Asian lawn Tennis Championship
  • 1970 - Northern India Lawn Tennis Championship
  • 1968 - All India intervarsity tennis title
  • 1966 - Junior National Lawn Tennis Championship

Kiran Bedi Bio – Indian Police Service

Kiran Bedi started her training at the National Academy of Administration in Missouri. She had a wide range of profiles which including -

  • Traffic Commissioner of New Delhi in October 1981.
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police in Insurgency prone Mizoram in 27th April 1990
  • Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor of Chandigarh in 1972
  • Director-General of the Narcotics Control Bureau in the year 2005

Fun Fact: Kiran Bedi was the first woman IPS in the year 1972.

Kiran Bedi Bio – Social Work & Philanthropy

  • India Vision Foundation Kiran founded an organization called “India Vision Foundation” in 1994. The organization was set up to educate people about women empowerment, community development, police reform and prison reforms.
  • Navjyoti Bedi also founded “The Navjyoti” organization in 1988 along with few police officers to provide rehabilitation for drug addicts.

Kiran Bedi Bio – Politics

Kiran Bedi formed the “Aam Admi Party” in the year 2012. In 2015 she joined BJP. She was made the Chief Minister Candidate for Delhi Assembly Election in 2015. Later on 22nd March 2016, she was made the Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry.

Kiran Bedi Bio – Books

Books which are authored by Kiran Bedi are as follows-

  • Demand for Swaraj
  • As I see
  • It’s Always Possible: One Woman’s Transformation of Tihar Prison
  • What went wrong?
  • Galti Kiski Bhag-2
  • Yeha Sambhav Hai
  • Creating Leadership
  • Broom and Groom
  • Himmat Hai
  • Be the change fighting corruption
  • Dare to do! For the new generation
  • Indian Police…. As I see
  • Uprising 2011: Indians against corruption
  • Leadership and governance….As I see
  • Bharatiya Police Jaisa Maine Dekha

Kiran Bedi Success Story – Awards and Achievements

  • 1968 - Kiran Bedi achieved the Cadet Officer award for her performance as an NCC cadet
  • 1979 - Kiran Bedi earned the President’s Police Medal for Gallantry for her bravery during Akali Nirankari clashes
  • 1991 - Kiran Bedi achieved Asia Region award for prevention and control of drugs
  • 1994 - Kiran Bedi earned the Ramon Magsaysay Award for her government service
  • 1995 - Kiran Bedi achieved Fr. Maschio Humanitarian Award for social and community services
  • 2004 - United Nations Medal for her commendable services
  • 2006 - Kiran Bedi earned The Most Admired Woman in the country award
  • 2008 - Kiran Bedi achieved the Kumarappa Reckless award for her amazing contribution to criminal justice administration
  • 2013 - Kiran Bedi achieved Nomura Award for her social work
  • 2014 - She achieved the L’Oreal Paris Femina Women Award for her social contribution

Kiran Bedi – First IPS Women of India

Kiran Bedi is an inspiration for every woman, and her outstanding works have inspired millions. In one of her interviews, “women are not empowered by only education; it’s the fruitful upbringing that matters” - she said. She also added that education could only be provided to a woman only if she is strong-willed and has a supportive environment. She will always be an inspiration for the future generation.

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