The Real Story of Rohan Rathod: Story of Gajendra Verma Success

Bollywood’s rom-com singer Gajendra Verma has a total net worth of $1M and he has been working for 10 years now. Read his full of struggle success story.

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Singer Boy from Haryana that Made Millions: Story of Gajendra Verma

Nearly ten years ago, a buzz got created by the song 'Tune Mere Jaana, Emptiness', and people went crazy after it. This song shook the whole music industry. It received immense love from the listeners. The song had a fake story related to it and, this made millions of people cry. It claimed that a guy named Rohan Rathod, an IIT student wrote this song for a girl. He died few weeks after composing this song because of cancer.

Emptiness Song & Story

The song Emptiness became an anthem song for all the heartbroken people. The story later came out to be fake and, there was no such guy of that name. The beautiful voice behind that song was of none other than Gajendra Verma. Then he came into the picture and, this song got more than 40 million views on Youtube.

Gajendra Verma - Early Life

Gajendra Verma belongs to a middle-class family and, he was lucid about his dreams from the beginning. He always wanted to become a singer. His father is a teacher by profession and also a renowned poet. His elder brother is a composer and a music producer and, his mother is a homemaker.

Gajendra was born in Haryana but raised in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His song became famous when he was only 21. Most of the songs sung by Gajendra are composed and produced by his elder brother only.

He was a good student as well and used to perform well in his studies. He never had professional music training and leaned only from his elder brother.

Gajendra Verma - Biography

  • Date of Birth: 20 April 1990 (31 years)
  • Birth Place: Sirsa, Haryana, India
  • Profession: Singer, Lyricist, composer, sound recordist
  • Instruments: Guitar, Vocals
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Hobbies: Singing, travelling, working out, playing the guitar
  • Website:

Gajendra Verma - Singing Career

Gajendra, as we know always, aspired to become a singer. Post the success of his hit song 'Emptiness' he, moved to Mumbai. He worked as a singer, music director, music composer, musician, etc. He has been a part of the industry since the age of 21. Gajendra also features in most of his songs.

Apart from his singing career, he aspires to become an actor too. His soft-spoken and calm nature helps him a lot to produce good music. Be it his colleagues or his fans, all of them love this talented guy.

Gajendra Verma - Love Life

Gajendra has always been very private about his personal life and love life. Not anyone has any idea about his girlfriend or love affair. For him, his main priority is his career. He currently wants to give his 100% to his singing and, everything else can wait.

Gajendra Verma - Songs

Gajendra Verma has a list of hit songs. All of his songs gain incomparable popularity. Some of his hit songs are:

  • Tera Ghata
  • Mann Mera
  • Ik Kahani
  • Summary
  • Yaad Karke
  • Milo Na Tum
  • JaJaJa
  • Tera Hi Rahu

Gajendra Verma - Net Worth

Gajendra has a very romantic and soulful voice. It has helped him gained a lot of publicity. He is one of the few people who have made it without taking help from any godfather. The guy's current net worth is $1 million. He also charges somewhere around 10 to 12 lakhs per song.

He is amongst one of the few celebrated singers of the Bollywood music industry.

Gajendra Verma - Controvery

All the people fall into controversy after entering the industry. Gajendra Verma is that artist who gained popularity because of the controversy; that too before entering the industry. The story of Rohan Rathod broke everyone's heart. It was later when everyone came to know about him.

The song got leaked on Youtube when he was in college. It also had a lot of fan pages on Facebook. He gained immense publicity after this song and, listeners loved his melodious voice.

Gajendra Verma - Fans and Followings

Gajendra has managed to gain an enormous number of followers in his decade-long singing career. He has almost 4 million subscribers on Youtube. All of his songs gain more than 100 million views. This song 'TeraGhata': which also featured Karishma Sharma, gained more than 400 million views on Youtube.

Gajendra is not very cative on Indtagram. He has still managed to gain more than 250 thousand followers on it. He mainly uses this platform to promote his songs and doesn't post any personal stuff on it.

Gajendra Verma - Fitness Lover

Gajendra apart, from being an outstanding singer, is also a fitness lover. He loves eating healthy and working out. Since he features in most of his songs, he has to maintain his body. He enjoys working out at least 3-4 days a week. If he is not working, then he works out 5-6 days a week.

He also encourages all of his fans to maintain their health and fitness.

Gajendra Verma - Live Shows

Gajendra is one of those loved singers of India who has done many live shows and concerts. He gets invited to various colleges or corporate places during fests or festive seasons. He performs in several foreign countries as well.

Gajendra Verma - Future Plans

Gajendra aspires to continue with his music career in the future as well. He has a list of songs that he will release in the upcoming years. Apart from this, he would also like to try his luck in acting. He already features in almost all of his songs and, this is where his love for acting grew.

Gajendra Verma - Inspiration to all

Gajendra Verma's more than ten years long year career in the music industry teaches us all the crucial aspects of life. This hardworking and talented guy gained massive success on his own. Despite being an outsider, he has made his own space in this competitive industry.

People love his voice and all the songs produced by him. This man is a true inspiration for all those young singers who want to make it.

His determination and perseverance were the keys to success for him.

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