9 Tips for Planning a trip on a budget

How to Plan a Budget Trip: 9 Must Know Tips

By Gargi Garg Apr 21 2021 10:05PM 2077 Read
9 Tips for Planning a trip on a budget

"Hey, do you wanna go on a trip?"

"Do you like travelling?"

These are some questions that I think only a tiny percentage of people would say "no" to. Travelling is something that almost everyone enjoys. Road trips, vacations, solo trips, and staycations are many more kinds of travel that people indulge in regularly. Travelling is therapeutic when you want to escape the chaos of over exhaustive, jam-packed schedules.

However, it is believed that travelling also burns a hole in your pocket. That's a reason why people start saving long before on an excellent budget holiday. Saving and experiencing a lavish vacation is no crime, and one should experience it at least once in a lifetime. But having a low budget doesn't mean that you have to be deprived of this therapy. Just some minor research and planning and you have a perfect budget trip with you. We are here to present some tips for you.

Best Tips to Plan a Budget-friendly Trip
  • Pick a Budget-friendly destination Choosing an expensive destination to travel to can be our first mistake that might be taking a toll on our pockets. Places like Paris, Italy etc., might sound fun, but honestly, they need l lot of savings if you want to enjoy these places to the fullest. So, by the time you are saving for that gorgeous holiday, why not have a getaway to a budget-friendly destination like Bhutan, Dubai, Bali, Sri Lanka and many more. There is a pretty good list of such places. Give them a try, and you'll save your pocket from some burden.
  • Try to cook at least one of your meal than eating out every time I know it sounds weird to cook for you on holidays as well. But trust me, it is not only low on your budget but also feels light, and you save your stomach from outside food for at least one meal. So, it is also stomach-friendly. You need to give rest to your stomach as well.
  • Plan for a longer trip Generally, accommodation cost you much less if you book them for a longer period. So, try to keep your stay for a minimum of 7-10 days to save yourself from expensive accommodation.
  • Why go solo? Take a group with you A group of travelers don't only enjoy the trip but can also share the expenses. Travel budgets can be much more affordable when there are distributed among many people. You might also get a discount on various things like accommodation, fun activities, tours etc. when you book them for a group.
  • Memories are good, but not for your wallet We have this habit of collecting souvenirs from all the places we visit, either for our family and friends or for us. They do make us and loved ones happy, but to be honest, everyone forgets about them after a couple of years or even months. Then why waste on such things. In spite, you can increase your budget for food or activities and make memories with those which will stay with you forever; sounds like a good plan?!
  • Plan each day Has your budget segregated for all the days of your trip? It would give you a rough estimate of how much you can spend each day. Also, you can divide it more to know how much to spend on food, fun activities, shopping. And, this sets the limit and prevents you from going overboard on your expenses.
  • Go Local When at your destination, don't look for branded items. Go shopping at the thrift store. That way, not only you'll get cheaper items, but you also get the essence of the place as well. This would also take to closer to the tradition and culture of the place. Apart from shopping, some places might have some local accommodation such as local motels, lodges, or even sometimes the local people can let you in as paying guest. These would cost much less than those 3–5-star hotels. You might need some more research on this, but it will be all worth it.
  • Off-seasons are the best Look for a time when the place is less crowded. That time, you'll find everything at relatively lower prices. Do a search and find out the destination's busiest times of the year and avoid your travel during those times. Apart from lower prices, the off-season times also give you your space and let you enjoy a vacation in a less crowded environment.
  • Heard about workation? How about doing some work and earning some money while vacationing? You can do some casual online work like content writing or even your work online and apply fewer leaves in your office. This way, you would be earning and can since you don't have to apply for leaves, you can for a longer time. This would relieve you from bothering about money during the trip.
Final Words

These tips might sound like a lot of work, but following these might save you a good amount of money. Your mind won't always wonder about money during your trip. And to have fun on a budget, some efforts are needed to plan your entire trip. With these points mentioned above and some that you have of your own, make a checklist with brief points in place and keep checking them off. Once you check off every item in that list, you have with yourself a very budget-friendly trip with no money tension.

Planning and Research are the key ingredients for a perfect recipe for a trip. And trust me, it will taste delicious. It will make your pocket and wallet happy, and when this is the situation, then who isn't.! :p

Just go for some out-of-the-box ideas or non-conventional ways to get that perfect holiday. Break the myth that only flights and hotels can be used for vacation.

So, the bottom line is planning a trip on a budget doesn't need any rocket science. It's just some planning and precaution, and Voila! Your journey is planned.

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