Best Places you can visit during your Goa trip

Goa is the perfect destination for friends and couples but do you know the best places to visit in Goa and the best time & activities to do. Read everything about Goa visit and plan your next trip.

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Best Places to Visit in Goa: Beaches, Nightlife & More

Goa, the perfect blend of Portuguese-Indian culture, is a small paradise situated on the west coast of the Indian subcontinent. Goa is a mesmerizing place, once you visit the place, you will automatically fall in love with it. The beaches and the delicious food are something god gifted. The place is so naturally beautiful, that you will never feel you are in India. The place is equally special for beach people, historic nerds, and foodies. Whenever anyone visits Goa there are so many beaches in the option that you can get confused easily.

Top beaches in Goa that you must visit during your trip
  • Baga beach: The Baga beach welcomes its visitors with an irresistible ambiance. Located in the north of Goa, the beach attracts thousands of tourists. The beach also provides many water sports, fishing and discos. The shores are so lively; you will forget the world around you. The Baga beach is surrounded by clubs and tattoo shops that make it more attractive.
  • Morjim Beach: Located in the neighborhood of the Baga is another beautiful beach. Morjim beaches have that tranquil ambiance that makes you lie there the whole day. Watching the sunset, with a beer in your hand is something everyone wants to experience.
  • Arossim beach: Situated in South Goa, Arossim beach is 12 km away from the main city of that area. The beauty of Arossim beach is the white sand that lies down beside the sparkling sea surrounded by tall and green palm trees. The beach offers you to experience fishing in their colorful fishing boats.
  • Majorda beach: Majorda beach is yet another wonderful beach located in the southern parts of Goa. The beach has a pleasant environment and you can live your life to the fullest by parasailing and riding the banana boat. You can also take a long sunbathe and spot many dolphins while you are on the beach.
  • Cola beach: The best thing about this beach is the fewer number of travelers visiting this place. This place is perfect for people who like uncrowded and quiet places. With golden sand that lies on the beach, the water is always welcoming you for a dip. The ambiance is so calm and beautiful that you will fall in love with the place once and for all.
Best Hidden Places to Visit in Goa

Goa nowadays is a bit crowded because of its over popularity and the famous, and known places always seem to be filled with crowd. If you are also a peace lover and can’t enjoy crowded areas, this list is something that will help you a lot. These places are the hidden gems of Goa and are must be visited. You will be so grateful you went to these places and did not do something that everyone does. These places are:

  • Butterfly Beach: This beautiful beach is hidden in the wonderful aquatic life of Goa. With solitude and calm at your hand, you can find peace within your soul while lying down on the cold sand. It is also called honeymoon beach as it is a perfect spot for couples. For a great experience, people can opt for a ship ride too. This place is also very uniquely famous for the sight of sea urchins, redfish, goldfish, and sea cucumbers here.
  • Harlem falls: Get lost in the beautiful and serene views of the beautiful Harvalem waterfalls; especially during the monsoon the place is amazing. Falling down from a height of 70 meters, the waterfall is a perfect place to visit with a family. It has also been a frequent shooting site for many movies and films.
  • Sinquerim fort: Located near Sinquerium beach, the fort was majestically built in the year 1612. The fort has an ancient vibe that reflects the history of Goa. You can opt for many sports like Jet Ski rides, paragliding, and dolphin tours.
  • Rivona caves: The Pandava caves or Rivona caves are situated in Rivona village in South Goa. It's a beautiful experience out there. The caves were carved out in the 6th century by the local monks. The caves are not very famous and are usually free from the crowd and serves as a good spot or hit with your family.
Accommodations and Eating in Goa

Goa is something you can never find elsewhere in India. The beaches, sunsets, nightlife, and the beauty, everything is so mesmerizing, how can you even think of leaving this place. Goa is generally very expensive during the peak times, i.e. December to January. The place is packed with people around Monsoon season. You can find all types of accommodations in Goa, which depend on the place, season, and timing. You can find Family boutiques, Moderate hotels, luxury hotels, cheap hotels for choosing accommodations. For eating you can find many restaurants and cafes lined up near your accommodations or the beaches you visit. While traveling to isolated places you can pack your foodstuff for eating.

Nightlife in Goa

Do you even need to ask how Goa’s nightlife is? Go to any place in India and then come back to Goa for its nightlife. What a life it is, enjoying, dancing, and celebrating. There are many places in Goa where you can enjoy your night. With a giant jacuzzi and multi-leveled dance floor, the club Cubana offers probably the best nightlife. It's the most happening place you have ever been to. Tito’s pub is somewhere everybody has to stop, no matter what. The nightlife of goa started from here and this is the best place to move your body to the Bollywood masala. Some other places that are must-visit for a blast are Cafe mojo, SinQ, and LPK Waterfront.

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