Top 25 Things A Tourist should Never Do in his Trip

Who doesn’t like to take a break from their tiresome workload, leave their homes and go out for a whole new adventurous voyage? But what happens when you fall into trouble for not knowing some factors which you must not do while travelling. Read the 25 point travel guide here.
By Rupsa Das - Mar 27 2021 1:22PM - 1920 Read
Travel Guide 101 - Top 25 Things A Tourist should Never DoThe Master and the Servant: Will Technology Reverse the Roles?

Travelling is an integral part of every individual’s life. It gives you countless memories, a lot of knowledge, bunch full of new explorations, and a relaxed mind. Who doesn’t like to take a break from their tiresome workload, leave their homes and go out for a whole new adventurous voyage? But what happens when you fall into trouble for not knowing some factors which you must not do while travelling. So, in this travel guide, we’ll share some pillars of wisdom which you should avoid so that you can enjoy your trip hassle-free.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing your lawn. Climb that damn mountain.”– Jack Kerouac

Travel Guide – Things to Avoid while Travelling
  • AVOID CONSUMING ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES IN OPEN SPACES You will be able to witness many hoardings which say, “NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES” in bold letters which means hard drinks and cigarettes are strictly prohibited, and also, a particular amount of fine can be charged is mentioned. So, you must certainly follow it otherwise you can fall into trouble.
  • DON’T DISRESPECT CULTURE We all must respect every religion and their culture. It is truly inhumane of people to disrespect other cultures and radically talk about things that might hurt others. According to a recent news article, it was reported that a Muslim Boy was allegedly beaten for drinking water from a well that was based in a temple. This is highly unjust and one must understand that all humans are just the same, divided by religions and caste.
  • DO NOT LITTER Littering around in the streets and open spaces is completely unhygienic and makes the environment dirty. It is the responsibility of every individual to keep the surroundings clean. For example, Indians often spit out the remnants publicly after chewing tobacco or betel nut. So you must always avoid those bad habits.
  • PUBLIC DISPLAY AFFECTION No matter how much you are in love with your partner, try to avoid too much a display of affections in public. In several places, people are not quite open-minded and those from the earlier times hate it and start to revolt against it and you can fall into extreme trouble thereafter. In countries like the Middle East, you can be imprisoned for this act.
  • KEEP A CHECK ON FOOD HABITS In certain places, wasting your food is considered to be disregarding the food being served. So you must be cautious about it and take food only the amount which you can intake.
  • MAINTAIN TRAFFIC RULES Unlike India, the other countries strictly follow the traffic rules imposed by the government. Things like stopping at red signals, overspeeding and overtaking, drink and drive, and avoiding honking horns must be kept in check.
  • THINK ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY In some places, it can be unsafe hovering around in the dark at night or travelling wearing priceless jewellery. Try to use the safest mode of transport when you are exploring an unknown city and always prefer to be safe than sorry.
  • BOOKING UNREVIEWED HOTELS You should make sure of reading reviews of the hotels you will stay in before booking them. It can be haphazard for you if you do not check on the reviews and later on, fall into some trouble which will ultimately make your trip worse.
  • DO NOT FORGET TO KEEP CASH In this modernized world, our life is made easier by using online transactions, but in certain places, only cash is acceptable. So, without it, you will be extremely helpless.
  • EXCHANGE CURRENCY NOTES If you are travelling to a foreign country, make sure you exchange your currency notes so that you are accessible to buying things and perform other tasks.
  • DO NOT INDULGE IN LOCAL FIGHTS You must not get involved in fights that are taking place in the vicinity you are in. Since you are completely new in the area, you will be completely helpless, having no one by your side to retaliate.
  • AVOID VOICING YOUR OPINIONS Though we must rise to raise our opinions and we have the freedom to speak, but it must be kept in mind that you are new in an unknown place and you might have to face dire consequences for being right. So try to keep aside your practicality and righteousness in order to be safe.
  • KEEP A CHECK ON SIGN LANGUAGES Sign languages are often interpreted in different ways in different places. For example, thumbs up mean “alright” in some countries whereas, in some other countries, it indicates some act of disrespect like in Iran and Turkey. So, there are several such things you must keep in your mind and do not commit those mistakes.
  • AVOID INAPPROPIATENESS OF DRESSING Try dressing up according to the culture you are visiting. Every place has its own way of dressing up and they often show a sense of discomfort when they witness something which seems wrong to them. For example, in some countries, people frowns when they see someone wearing short or exposive dresses.
  • AVOID STOPPING IN THE MIDWALKS In bigger cities, people are always on their steady toes, be it a street or a footpath. So, if you stop in the middle of the road for clicking selfies or getting something out of your bags, try to stand in the side of the roads and finish your work or you might just hear something which you wouldn’t like to.
  • TAKING A LOCAL TRANSPORT DURING OFFICE HOURS You must try your best to avoid local transports during rush hours, you might get just squeezed in the crowd and also, it might take a longer time for you to reach your destination. Availing of private transport is always a better option.
  • WEAR UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES AND DRESSES Always dress up comfortably so that you can enjoy your trip freely and just be conscious about your dress or get some vesicles under your feet which might make your entire journey difficult.
  • DON’T FEED WILD ANIMALS Feeding the animals you find might be exciting and seem to you that you are doing something good for them but it somehow excites them more after they receive the food, they might attack you for more. Also, for some animals, human food is not suitable for them which might lead to indigestion, or even they can get choked by the food to death.
  • AVOID CLICKING PICTURES OF PEOPLE WITHOUT PERMISSION You can get scolded or even thrashed for clicking abrupt pictures of people without asking their permission. Go to the respective person, ask for their permission politely, and then you will be good to go. Who knows, maybe the other person just poses for you even properly and make your click worth it.
  • DON’T SKIP TRAVEL INSURANCE You never know what mishap might happen when you are travelling. Prevention is better than cure, so always make sure to carry travel insurance which might help you with your expenses.
  • DON’T BOOK YOUR TRIP TOO EARLY A planned trip is certainly very exciting but it doesn’t mean that you need to be an early bird in every situation. Plan your trip properly, wait for the best deals and book everything at the correct time after you are confirmed that there are no more obstacles that can come over.
  • WATCH AND READ TRAVEL VLOGS AND BLOGS Reading and watching travel blogs and vlogs will help you to make your planning of your trip easier and might just make it more convenient. It helps you out with the dos and don’ts and shows some amazing places you can explore.
  • DON’T BE IRRESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR LUGGAGE Don’t fool around keeping your luggage away from you. You are already exploring a new place and losing your luggage might just ruin your entire trip and you have to face serious repercussions for it.
  • AVOID DRINKING TAP WATER You must not drink tap water or unfiltered water because it might lead to indigestion or other problems and you might fall sick. So, try to buy and drink mineral water.
  • DON’T FORGET TO LEARN THE LOCAL LANGUAGE Learning the local language you will be visiting will help you communicate with them and it will make your trip easier
Be Smart, Be Responsible, And Travel With Ease.
Rupsa Das
Rupsa Das

With over 5+ years of experience in the field of anthologies and more than a year of experience in the field of content writing, Rupsa Das, an English Literature student, is a co-author of 20+ anthologies, compiler of two anthologies. She had worked with some online news portal companies, digital marketing, and travel blogging companies. She is currently serving as the PR and Branding Director of Rotaract Club of Calcutta Park Point and the Assistant Coordinator of Bethune College Students’ Committee.

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