CuteVamp Founder Talks about Top Freelancing Uncertainties Among People and Tips to Tackle Them

Freelancing is gaining rapid popularity among Indians majorly due to its flexibility, better pay, and global opportunities. However, this new change is coming with various uncertainties, and the one who tackles them effectively is going to stay.
By Prakash Mishra - Oct 16 2021 4:16PM - 2772 Read
Freelancing Uncertainties Should Not Bother You – Sumit Ojha

Freelancing is rapidly advancing, especially during the post-pandemic era. Several people lost their jobs, the new normal of working from home, major decisions in the financial plans of the companies, economic instability. There are hundreds of reasons why people are thinking about switching to freelancing. But many of them are also scared about the uncertainties involved in freelancing.

Talking about this, Co-Founder of CuteVamp and Web Designer at Fiverr, Sumit Ojha, says, “Freelancing uncertainties should not bother you.” Sharing his vast experience in the field of freelancing, Sumit Ojha shares a few quick tips on how to handle the uncertainties of freelancing.

Industry Fact: 44.78% of Freelancers said they choose to freelance over their traditional office job and would do it for the long term.

Freelancing Uncertainties – A Fear Among Freelancers

Generally, the fears related to freelancing that most freelancers are worried about are:

  • Uncertainty in workflow
  • Uncertainty in payments
  • Uncertain incomes

“Switching to full-time freelancing may seem risky, with the extreme workload on a few days and no work at all on the others. But these risks and uncertainties should not be a concern for you,” says Sumit Ojha.

Freelancing Uncertainties – 3 Tips to Tackle

Giving a solution to overcome these fears and go on with becoming a full-time freelancer, Sumit Ojha shares a few quick tips.

  • Change Your Mindset If you keep thinking that you will not be able to work out with the unstable behavior of freelancing, it is not going to work. “You need to be persistent that you can do it, and you will do it, no matter what,” says Sumit Ojha. Stop thinking that you will barely ‘survive’ if you take up freelancing full-time and believe that you will start ‘living the life that you want.
  • Prove Your Worth and Skills “Proving your worth and skills does not mean boasting about yourself; it is about letting your work speak for you,” says Sumit Ojha. Getting started with acquiring clients may be difficult, but once you get them, use your skills to their full potential and ensure that your work is perfect. If the clients like your work, they will understand your worth and will keep assigning more projects.
  • Improve Your Skills “The online world advances at a lightning-fast speed. New technological methods, tools, techniques, you need to keep yourself updated with everything that is going around you,” says Sumit Ojha. If your skills are not what is the need of the hour, you may end up losing important projects. Multiple Skills and multi-talented people are in demand in the freelancing field; make sure you meet these requirements.
Sumit Ojha adds,
“Change your mindset that freelancing is all about uncertainties, do not take up anything and everything just because your income depends on these projects and most importantly, do not give up. Freelancing can be your full-time career; you just need to know how to deal with it.”
Prakash Mishra
Prakash Mishra

Founder & CEO of Drive Digital Mr. Prakash Mishra is also a Google Certified Market Researcher and Digital Marketing Strategist.

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