Youth Face Kuldeep Gurjar - Moving Strong with Empowering Rural Population Motto

Kuldeep Gurjar is a Youth politician and one of the prime faces of the Indian National Congress. Kuldeep and his family have been actively involved in politics & believe in doing good for society.
By Prakash Mishra - Oct 11 2021 4:44PM - 3864 Read
The Journey of Politician Kuldeep Gurjar - State Secretary Youth Congress Haryana

Kuldeep Gurjar is the youth face of the Indian National Congress and the youth secretary of the Sohan Vidhan Sabha. He believes in doing good for society and, nation by giving the utmost benefit to the rural people. Gurjar is one of the most hardworking leaders of the Congress party who is working day and night for the upliftment of his people. He believes that every person has a social and moral responsibility towards his society and country. Gurjar works in the development of rural areas and improvement in the living conditions of all the villagers.

Note : Kuldeep is also a sports lover and, he encourages the youth to participate in every kind of sport.

Kuldeep Gurjar – Key Points

  • Full Name - Kuldeep Gurjar
  • Birth - Haryana, India
  • Profession - Politician
  • Political Party - Indian National Congress (INC)
  • Joined - 2008
  • Area Served - Sohna Vidhan Sabha
  • Position - State Secretary Youth Congress Haryana
  • Positions Held - State Vice President OBC Department

Kuldeep Gurjar - Introduction to Politics

Kuldeep belongs to a family that got involved in politics for a long time. Three generations of his family have served the nation, and it was not that difficult for him to enter into politics when his forefathers made few things easier for him.

Gurjar has good political support and, this helps him winning the trust and confidence of all the native people.

Kuldeep Gurjar - Campaign

Kuldeep started a campaign in 2019, ''Yuva Chale Gaon Gaon''. He believed that India belongs to the villages and, you can only see the beauty of this country through the eyes of a rural person. His campaign focused on the development of rural areas and the improvement of the lives of the village people.

It involved youths from the villages and encouraged them to enjoy the full benefit of all the government programs and schemes. The campaign has got implemented in more than 100 villages.

Kuldeep Gurjar - Taking forward Bapu's dream

Gurjar is one of the followers of Mahatama Gandhi and believes in implementing his ideology. Bapu believed in developing the village. He believes in working from the grassroots level and educating people about various things.

Kuldeep Gurjar - Encouraged Sports

Kuldeep has also organized several sports events every year in the rural areas. Haryana has good potential when it comes to sports. Many people have won medals at various international events, including the Olympics. Gurjar motivates them to participate in sports and win medals for their country.

Kuldeep Gurjar - Areas Worked On

Kuldeep has worked on several areas keeping rural development in mind. Some of the places on which he focuses majorly are as follows:

  • Youth Development
  • Women Empowerment
  • Child care in his area
  • Established Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) stitching center
  • Tuition center and scholarship programs for children
  • Free heath and eye-checks
  • Free blood donation camps
  • Organized mass marriage ceremony
  • Organizes Kanwar camp
  • Free waters tankers

Kuldeep Gurjar - Fans and Following

Kuldeep is an active social media user and, he makes sure to post regularly on his various social media sites. He engages with his people and keeps them updated about every political thing.

  • Instagram - He has more than four thousand followers on Instagram and over a thousand posts.
  • Facebook - He has over 40,000 fans on Facebook.

Kuldeep Gurjar - Political Idol

Kuldeep has become a political idol for thousands of youths at such a young age. He has worked extensively for the betterment of his people and their living conditions. He is undoubtedly one of the best political leaders of Haryana who is working very hard for the village people.

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