Hair Scientist Dr Ashok Sinha’s Must Read Inspirational Journey

Dr Ashok Sinha is a Hair Scientist and founder of Adon Hair Care. He has done more than 1500+ transplants till date and is working on making the most accessible hair transplant instrument.

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Trichologist Dr Ashok Sinha : Treating Hair Problems Like a Pro

Dr. Ashok Sinha is an MBBS graduate who works as a Trichologist and hair scientist. In the year 2011, he began his hair transplantation career after graduating from Grant Medical College. Sinha has conducted 1500 transplants so far using various procedures & began as a FUT and later FUE transplant carrier. In 2014, he added body hair extraction, as well as beard, moustache, and eyebrow transplants, to his practice. He did India's first long hair FUE and Direct non-shaven FUE with Dr. Kiran and Dr. Satyajeet.

Dr Ashok Sinha – Career Timeline

  • Adon Trichology Clinic : January 2015 - Present In 2015, Dr Ashok started his own venture, Adon Trichology Clinic, and is currently serving as the Chief Managing Director of the firm. The company serves hair & moustache transplant solutions & is the most successful hair transplant brand.
  • Follicular Technologies - December 2017 - Present After serving as Rejoice Hair Transplant MD for around 2 years, Dr Ashok was appointed as the new Managing director of Follicular Technologies Private Limited. The firm was established on February 13, 2017, & is a hair-related start-up that focuses on hair, hair care, hair research, hair transplant, hair transplant instrument development, and Indian traditional remedies for hair authentication study. The firm is categorized as a non-government organization and is registered with the Registrar of Companies in Mumbai.

Dr Ashok Sinha – Achievements & Recognitions

  • Featured On BBC World, News 24, And All India Radio
  • Lifetime Member of the Prestigious FUE Institute of The World.
  • He's Also Working On Alternatives To Minoxidil And Finasteride For Hair Treatment.
  • Successfully did India's first long hair FUE and Direct non-shaven FUE with Dr. Kiran and Dr. Satyajeet.
  • He is working with a group of engineers to create hair transplant equipment that could be the world's most accessible hair transplant instrument, for which he has two pending patents.

Dr Ashok Sinha – YouTube Channel

Dr Ashok Sinha also runs a YouTube channel, ADON HAIR CARE, & he aims to share the most fundamental and contemporary developments in hair-related therapy and research through this platform. He wants to share his knowledge with everyone in a straightforward manner so that people may make informed decisions about which clinic to visit. He is the heart and soul of the ADON clinic.

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