Prakash Mishra Talks About The Digital Marketing Trends Post Covid

Prakash Mishra, Founder and CEO of Drive Digital, Social Yug and Digital Yug, shares his views on four trends in the COVID era.

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The restrictions issued in the course of the pandemic have been tough for all of us to handle. But we cannot allow the destruction to haunt us forever, as pragmatic optimists, it is time to think about “what next” and how to overcome the losses. Although the pandemic has been quite overwhelming and devastating, it has also highlighted the changes in consumer behaviour that are already transforming the future of marketing.

The main stimulant for these changes has been our experience during the lockdown instructions issued in wake of the epidemic. It has redefined the way we work, shop and live. It has literally differed the way we express ourselves and the way we consume everything from services, to products, content, etc. Both the customers and businesses have adapted to the changes and they had to with little choice left. Brands need to get creative and find new, more meaningful ways to connect with customers and the most promising way to do this is by digital marketing. Marking your footprints in the online world is the need of the hour. Prakash Mishra talks about the four trends that enrich the relationship with the consumers and improve products and consumer experiences.

Prakash Mishra Prakash Mishra With Vivek Bindra

Useful buying experience

One of the most obvious and relevant changes driven due to the epidemic is the acceleration of digital adoption, especially on e-commerce platforms. Although the acceleration has been intense, India alone saw an increase of 42% in the number of regular internet users. It is time that all the businesses, whether huge giants or small start ups need to add digital marketing strategies in their plannings.

Customers will be more careful

With travel restrictions, social distancing orders and stay at home as far as possible guidelines, consumers are now starting to realise the importance of the value of the local communities. This could be noticed with the rapid increase in the search on Google with words “near me”. This “near me” search broke the world record last year. It is being speculated that after the pandemic, customers will be more connected with the local communities and will concentrate on helping it. This means that brands have no option but to maintain good relations with the consumers.

Brand value will converge with personal value

Another indication of the impact of the pandemic on people's connectivity is coming out of the autopilot mode. During the long period of isolation, many of us got the chance to look into ourselves and dive into our deepest psyches. We understood the fundamentals of happiness, family and health. Belief-driven buying also shows the importance of values ​​in customer decisions. More and more brands are taking the extra step to integrate values ​​of their brand through these values ​​as differentiating “characteristics” of their products and services.

Marketers will sympathize with creativity

We can expect the products, services and designs that consumers experience to change because the people who create them have changed. Why? Because we stopped “going to work” and started “getting work at home”. We have entered a new dimension of professional and personal empathy and respect. This change has impacted the people in business and especially in marketing.

Concluding his thought, Prakash Mishra states, “While we can't fully predict it, we have the power to shape the future we want. It is a basic human tendency to learn from our experiences. We can't help but think that we have a similar possibility of defining "what next". A rebirth of the way marketing is done is coming, let's take advantage of the positive dynamic and build a digital future together.”

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