Spiritual Influencer Nitin Pujari : Balaji Salasar’s Iconic Youth Devotee

Nitin Pujari is the 9th generation of Mohandas Ji. The entire ancestry had devoted themselves to worshipping for not their own sake but for humanity. The family is delighted to serve spiritually. Nitin Pujari has become popular among millennials because he puts his way to find God and preaches among his followers, who has secured a place in the heart of his people for good.
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Balaji Salasar Young Priest Nitin Pujari - Epitome of Spirituality in the 21st Century

In the history of humanity, there hasn’t been a day passed without facing misery and pain. But in every general, there rose the power that intended to bring peace among the energies of creation. We bow down in front of them, we worship them, and we seek eternal peace and sanity. We call them the disciples of God. Nitin Pujari Salasar, an iconic personality, devoted himself to humanity. His way of bringing the human folks a step closer to spirituality has been loved and appreciated on a large scale. Besides being a worshipper, he also believes in modernization, evident in his thoughts and dialectics. He is never afraid to spill out the truth, even if that is the media, who he has to face.

Nitin Pujari - A New Dimension

A session with Nitin Pujari is beyond the physical presence in the session. Even during the tough times of the pandemic, he listens to his followers and advises them the best.

  • Nitin’s View on Success He has very much sorted how to become successful in life. Being a motivational and spiritual speaker, he keeps it clean and practical while showing how to act on oneself.
    In an interview, he said, “Thinking and planning to get success is not enough; you need to train your mind and body to focus on your goals and work towards achieving them.”
  • Promoting Personal Growth He talks about how one can attend a personal growth spiritually and psychologically, not in a worldly way, neither physically. Getting a mind that can think straight and not let the cloud conquer can only progress and overcome all the hurdles in life. He also adds that adding value to yourself will grow your outer appearance healthier.
  • His Ways to Personal Growth Personal growth is subjective; however, human behaviour is not. There is always a bracket people fall for when it comes to outer reactions. Therefore, Nitin Pujari believes that the best way to grow yourself is by working on a few fields and control them instead of letting them control you. The fields are:
    • You should be able to control your anger
    • You must overcome your procrastination
    • Another point related to procrastination is to overcome your laziness
    • The best way to get into positivity is to avoid negative thoughts
    • It is not just the preaching, but also practices, that is taking actions as planned.
    • Learning to take responsibilities and fulfilling them.
    • Discarding all the evils, try to adopt a positive attitude.
    • Knowledge is limitless; try to grow all your skills every day.
    • To become a good person, you need to adopt good habits too.

Wow Fact : Nitin Pujari Salasar has his website https://nitinpujari.com/ as his business website.

Nitin Pujari - Charity Is Happiness

It has always been with Nitin Pujari that he loves to be around people, especially the unfortunate ones in dire need. According to his philosophy, the tons of money people waste for celebrating birthdays can feed many people, even if it is for a day. It has been connected to the distribution of things that are a necessity to the people around. Most of the time, he had been in the media because of his work and charity. As kind-hearted as he is, he also has a strong personality that has cast the magic to make everyone love him with all their heart.

Nitin Pujari- The Surreal Balaji Dham

Nitin Pujari has been extensively vocal since every inaugural ceremony of the Balaji Dham. He has stated the importance and also mentioned his charity for the same.

  • History Of Balaji Dham Back in the time of Mohandas Ji, there was a farmer named Asota, who had found the idol of Lord Hanumanji while ploughing his field. After getting the dream direction from the Lord himself, he set out to travel with the chariot mounted by the idol. It was instructed that wherever the chariot would stop, the temple should be built in that place. It was the Churu district of Rajasthan, where the chariot stopped. It was Mohandas Ji who took the responsibility of carrying out the rituals of worshipping the idol. There started the story of Balaji Dham. Fun Fact : As mentioned by Nitin Pujari, the Balaji Dham idol was constructed with a beard and moustache and is one of a kind in the world.
  • Importance Of Balaji Dham Rooted back in history, the chariot is still established in and around the temple. With Mohandas Ji’s ignited fire, which is still alive and known to all as ‘Dhuni’, is popular for removing the devotees’ sorrows. Before getting into the main temple, devotees need to pay homage to the ‘Jivit Samadhi’ of Mohandas Ji. Wow Fact : Lies in the premise is one of the oldest coconut trees. People believe that it has the powers to fulfil the wishes of the devotees.

Nitin Pujari – Serving for Mankind

Pain and misery are the eternal companions of our lives. But our motive is not to run away from it. To have faith in the creator and ourselves, adapting the spiritual and positive mindset can do real wonders. To conclude with the words stated by Nitin Pujari, “Everyone is scared and fear the calamities caused by the epidemic. Millions of people have lost their loved ones and are grieving in pain. Humanity is losing faith in God and cursing the pandemic.” And he is on the mission to restore the faith of the devotees in their creator.

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