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Top Places to Put into Travel Bucket List India

By Kunal Tulsani Apr 2 2021 1:34PM 2417 Read

I remember when I saw Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, I was so intrigued by the film that I also started making my travel bucket list which I wished to transmute into reality one day. Traveling – it gives goosebumps to a person regardless of his age as the solace which traveling gives is unmatchable.

The world is filled with immensely beautiful cities which we dream of visiting and trust me every young person having dreamy eyes always makes one travel bucket list in his or her life. It is a huge motivator in times when we feel monotonous which results in making us become diligent in our work and earn more to visit the cities in the travel bucket list.

We make a travel bucket list not just for the sake of a normal traveling experience but because traveling to different places is a gigantic learning experience. It is a concoction of a multitude of activities like meeting new people, exploring cuisines and culture, & learning from other people’s way of living.

I have always been a traveloholic since my early days. Traveling to new places has been an enthralling activity as traveling to new places gives me much-needed peace and comfort. Travelling has always been a self-discovery experience filled with lessons and learnings. Before wasting a second now, let’s dive into the top travel bucket list India.

Travel Bucket List for India

This list includes some of the most beautiful cities and places of INDIA which make me spellbound with their vibrant and exuberant culture. Exploring all these places would be a dream come true.


According to the religious scriptures, Varanasi is the first city to be established in the world. It is significantly called one of the spiritual destinations of the world. Home to the holy GANGES, it witnesses a multitude of tourists from different parts of the globe. The Ganga Aarti in the evening is a prominent scene to enjoy.


One of the most romantic cities of India, Udaipur is venerable for its vibrant festivals and its historical forts and palaces. Exploring udaipur can be one of most historical experiences of a traveller as it takes us down the memory lane to the rich history of Rajasthan. A lot of destination weddings take place in Udaipur which shows its cosmopolitan nature.


A well-architectured city in southern India, Mysore is one of the cleanest cities in India. Also known as the Cultural Capital of India, It is an eminent shopping destination for tourists as they can have an enjoyable shopping session buying silk sarees, sculptures, and sandalwood products. Its historical significance goes to the pre-independence era.

4. GOA:-

The most desired destination in the youth culture and funnily a big part of the meme culture, Goa is famously known as the LAS VEGAS of India as it is eminent for its party culture. In my travel bucket list, it holds a significant place as I have been yearning to enjoy a relaxing sunset at the beach in Goa.


Well, I wonder if you have not heard about this adorable city, Tawang is a town in the eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. A town covered with snow caps, it is an intriguing place for Buddhists as it marks the birth of their 6th Dalai lama. Moreover, mesmerizing destinations for tourists include the Tawang valley and Madhuri Lake.


If there is a city that every Indian boy fantasizes to travel on a bike, it is surely Ladakh. The journey to Ladakh through its terrains and beautiful scenic mountains and valleys can be an unforgettable one for all of us. It has become the destination for shootings of several Bollywood movies also. It is a sure-shot one to visit with our gang.


A City on the coasts of India, Pondicherry is one of the most peaceful places one would ever visit. It is a mixture of Indian and French culture. It embodies a lot of ancient churches dating back to the 1900s. Surrounded by beaches, it allures a plethora of visitors to enjoy a sunbath while chilling on a beach. 8. GANGTOK:-

Exploring new places leads us to the eastern paradise called Gangtok. It is placed in the heart of Shivalik ranges with the breathtaking view of hills and valleys. Gangtok is magnificently influenced by the Tibetan culture which seems crystal clear in every corner of the city.


Last but not least, here comes the most eminent city in my travel bucket list i.e. the paradise of India SRINAGAR. Situated in the infamous Kashmir valley, it is the center of attraction for every traveler of India. Being home to Dal and Anchar Lake, it also sells the notorious pashmina shawls and dry fruits.

I have been making a bucket list since my childhood and I add or subtract it when I become familiar with new places over time. My travel bucket list includes some of the most prominent cities of INDIA rich in beauty, food, and culture.

Exploring new places is highly imperative these days owing to the mounting up the workload on people. It breaks the monotony and boredom of life and ignites a new spark of excitement and joy in life. Becoming familiar with the beauty of new places makes us realize the richness of life and make us grateful for it.

India is blessed with the most beautiful destinations and they have a dazzling combination of ancient history and modern architecture. Exploring these destinations is a perfect scenario in one's life.

This travel bucket list makes me wonder every day to feel alive and do industrious work to tick the cities in the bucket list.

Well... Well!!! It is our incredible India and its graceful cities.

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