What are the Best Places to visit in Assam in 2021?

12 Amazing Places to Visit in Assam 2021: With Family

By Anindita Paul Apr 27 2021 4:05PM 3258 Read
12 Amazing Places to Visit in Assam 2021: With Family

Assam is a land of myth, mystery, nature, and rich history. It seems pretty apt that most of the tourism that Assam attracts is nature tourism. However, while looking for places to visit in Assam, you mustn't miss out on the amazing religious and industrial destinations.

Assam is the biggest producer of tea in the country. It is the first place in India where crude oil was discovered, and today, Assam is also among the largest producers of oil in India; and has a heritage of old refineries to show off.

Assam can be easily reached through trains and flights, and for people from the neighboring states, even overnight bus services are available. Assam is a state that focuses quite a bit on tourism, so for most places on this list, a good resort or hotel will be easily available in the vicinity. So, let's take a look at these amazing places to visit in Assam, which you absolutely can't afford to miss.

12 Amazing Places to Visit in Assam
  • Kaziranga DigitalYug Home to the one-horned rhino, and many people, Kaziranga is the primary place when planning to visit Assam. Kaziranga is a tourist-friendly place and has some beautiful resorts to spend the days in comfort. You should also visit the National Orchid Park while visiting Kaziranga.
  • Kamakhya Temple DigitalYug Being one of the 51 Shakti Pithas, Kamakhya Temple is an important part of the pilgrimage for religious tourists. And even if that isn't the case for you, this destination is something you shouldn't miss. Imbibed with local mythical and royal history, this temple gives a glimpse into the architecture, livelihood, and lifestyle of people from both past and the present.
  • Sivadol DigitalYug Another religious destination in Assam that has a rich and interesting history associated with it is Sivadol. It was built by one of the Ahom queens, Bar Raja Ambika, the second wife of renowned Ahom kind Siba Singha. As a representation of Ahom's wealth and prosperity, this temple is crowned with a Kalasha made of pure gold. Its proximity to the Shivsagar tank and the serene atmosphere it creates make it one of the best places to visit in Assam.
  • Talatal Ghar DigitalYug While in Shivsagar, tourists are usually on a spree of visiting Tai Ahom architectures, and Talatal Ghar is one that you must not miss. This fort is not like any other grand architecture you'll see in Assam; it used to be a military fort that was part of the Ahom defense strategy for warfare. With secret tunnels and hidden chambers (not fully accessible due to safety reasons), this is one mysterious place representing the rich history of Assam.
  • Digboi DigitalYug Digboi is where mineral oil was first discovered in the country, and the oldest oil refinery was built. The town's name is derived from the phrase "dig-boy-dig," something that the Britishers would order the Indian workers to do to reach the oil reserve. You can visit this oil refinery and take a tour of their in-house museum, which displays the history of the place.
  • Umananda Temple DigitalYug Umananda Island is the smallest inhabited river island globally, typically away from the hustle-bustle of urban life. This gem is just one boat ride away from Guwahati. In the heart of the island resides the holy Umananda temple. This Shiva temple is rich in history and mystery. It is said that regardless of the water levels, the water of Brahmaputra never floods the temple. It is believed that if a day comes when the temple is flooded, the entire city of Guwahati will be flooded as well.
  • Majuli DigitalYug Majuli is the largest riverine island on the planet, and what a strange coincidence is that both the smallest and the largest river islands are in the same state. Majuli is considered the cultural capital of the neo-Vaishnavite movement. You can visit the Vaishnavite monasteries called Satras in Majuli. Assamese cultural pioneer Srimanta Sankardeva established these.
  • Dibru Saikhowa National Park DigitalYug This national park is a designated biosphere reserve, sprawling across an area of 765 Square kilometers. It is one reserve where both Royal Bengal tigers and Gangetic dolphins can be spotted. Like most national parks in Assam, this one shows off numerous species of rare and endangered birds as well.
  • Nameri National Park DigitalYug Known as a birdwatcher's paradise, Nameri boasts over 374 species of both indigenous and migratory birds. It is among the two tiger reserves in the state and was declared one in 1999, right after Manas Tiger Reserve.
  • Manas National Park DigitalYug This national park is not just a Tiger Reserve but also an essential conservation program for over 31 different species of mammals. Like Nameri, this reserve has nearly 400 species of birds, many of them endangered or rare, like the Bengal floricans and great hornbills.
  • Tocklai Tea Research Centre DigitalYug Tocklai is the largest and the oldest tea research institute in the world. You can learn a lot about the process of growing and manufacturing tea while getting a front seat to the heart of the Assam tea industry. You can also get the opportunity to taste various teas and get to know the interesting history of the industry from enthusiastic staff members. Of all the places to visit in Assam, this is something that you shouldn't miss if you're a tea lover.
  • Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary DigitalYug Named after the Hollong trees that grow in abundance in the area, this sanctuary is famous for the population of western hoolock gibbons that it boasts. Western hoolock gibbons are the only apes found in India and are extremely endangered, but in Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, they are spotted pretty frequently.
Final Words:

Assam is a state that is still largely catching up to some of the more metropolitan parts of our country when it comes to trade and infrastructure. But as we can see, the seeds of some of the biggest industrial endeavors were planted in Assam. Its rich history and cultural heritage make it a unique destination for your vacations.

Assamese royal history and mythical beliefs are quite different from those popularly known in the rest of the country. So, when sightseeing in Assam, don't forget to mingle with the locals and get to know the story behind each destination. Trust me, a visit to Assam won't be complete without the tales that create its rich culture.

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