Home Interior Design Ideas in a Budget

Best Tips & Tricks for Home Interior Design Ideas: in Budget

By Preeti Chhipa Apr 17 2021 3:35PM 3487 Read
Best Tips & Tricks for Home Interior Design Ideas: in Budget

Whether you move into a new space or want to switch things up a little bit, trying your hands in home interior design can be exciting and fun. And once you get into the mode, scrolling starts, on YouTube, on Pinterest, on Instagram, and so on. We do all that in search of not just what’s trendy but what fits your aesthetics the most.

There are a few things one should keep in mind while starting any extensive home interior design project:

Home Interior Design Buying Tips
  • Take Notes: Jot down everything that you are aspiring for and anything you come across and interest you. Once you finally decide to start your work, you can settle for the ones that resonate with you the most; after you’ve done all the research, of course.
  • Set the budget: Set a limited budget for yourself, even if you think you can go a little higher. Also, set a budget for impromptu inspiration. For example, if you decide on x amount for furniture, then set aside a limit of y amount for the cushions to get carried away on smaller purchases.
  • Know your local dealers: While delving into home interior design, it is natural to drool over online deals. While it is true that you can find some attractive deals online, you mustn’t miss out on local gems just because you’re ordering everything online. Talk to people who have worked with home decor, go to smaller shops on the streets, know all your options before spending money.

The above advice is more general practices to keep in mind while getting into home interior design, but you can apply some basic tricks to save money and get maximum effect.

Home Interior Design Tricks Buy Organizers:

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your decor or how many fancy items you decorate with if your home is not tidy. And trust me, I know how difficult that is, especially if you share your space with people who are not ready to put in the same effort. And one of the best ways to make cleaning easier for everyone is by investing in organizers.

I say ‘investing,’ but you can get “organizing” containers, baskets, clear dividers for closets at a very cheap rate in online stores. And people living near Miniso outlets can check them out for the cheap organizers they sell.

And while this might be obvious, you should have two laundry baskets to help with organizing; one for dirty clothes and one for recently laundered clean clothes. That way, if you don’t have time or are feeling lazy to fold your clothes, they wouldn’t turn into clutter; you can toss them in the ‘clean’ laundry basket and get to them later.

Rent Your Furniture:

I know that the feeling of ‘owning’ things can be gratifying, but hey, trends come and go, and it is easy to get bored staring at the same sofa every day. If you already live in a rental apartment or house, renting your furniture makes it, so you don’t need to consider moving it to a different location or fitting it in the new house. You can start your home interior design fresh every time.

One obvious choice for renting furniture is undoubtedly the successful startup company Furlenco. But the reach of this company is still limited to the bigger cities so you need to make sure they can reach your locality. But there is a possibility that there are local furniture rental businesses that you can support instead.

And if you opt to buy your furniture, one crucial thing to keep in mind is: don’t settle. Don’t visit one store or one website and do your entire shopping there. Spread-out, get your friends to help you, and only settle when you’re sure you’re getting the best deal.

And do not forget, furniture is a long term investment; try to go for timeless and classic pieces instead of something strictly trendy. And, of course, be careful not to make huge compromises on quality.

Adopt Plant Babies:

One way to add brightness and life to your interiors is to have some indoor plants in your vicinity. It is one of the cheapest ways to enhance your home interior design and is something you can do essentially for free.

Of course, if you’re harbouring the desire to fill your home with exotic plants, you’ll have to pay a lot for them. But most succulents and cacti are cheap and low maintenance. You can keep them indoors, as they thrive in the shade (show them the sun only once in a while); they do not need you to water them regularly either.

One fantastic option for indoor plants is the snake plant, also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. They are great to decorate your bedrooms with, as unlike other types of the plant they release oxygen at night. They, like succulents, are low maintenance as well.

On another note, trendy DIY flower pots are extremely easy to make, it can quirk up your decor and be a fun activity to turn into a hobby.

Choose Muted Colors for your Walls:

A loud and bright shade for your wall can complicate your choices. It can also severely limit your options on what colours you can choose for, other elements of your home interior design.

On the other hand, neutral tones for your walls can allow you to be more experimental with other pieces like tapestries, pictures, cushions, and even the shade of your window panes and curtains.

Keep in mind that ‘Less is more’:

Minimalism is the trend, and it will be here for quite a while. So don’t go overboard; give yourself space to move around.

Keep in mind that your home interior design is a process; it is not something you need to finish in a week or a month or within any time limit. You could be in the market, shopping for groceries and come across something that you think will look amazing in your space.

So the minimalism approach helps you save space for spontaneous bursts of inspiration and slowly develop your sense of aesthetics.

Final Words:

If you have ample savings, it is easy to hire an interior decorator and let them take care of your home interior design. But I believe doing it yourself is essential to bond with your space, make meaningful memories in your house, and give it a personality.

So get your design boards ready, and have fun!
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