Nothing Sucks When You’re In The Middle Of an Argument and You Realize You Are Wrong

7 Top Tips to Avoid Misunderstanding with Your Partner

By Reva Jain Apr 3 2021 2:04PM 3356 Read
7 Top Tips to Avoid Misunderstanding with Your Partner

Yeah, heartbreaks are painful but do you know what hurts the most- when you are in the middle of an argument and you realize you are wrong; everything becomes pointless and you just don’t know what to do with your life anymore.

Well, if you are a mother then you don’t have to worry about anything because you can still win by giving “the dead look” to your kids or by telling them that they don’t know enough (pun intended!) but trust me, mothers shouldn’t do that or nobody should ever be doing that; it’s evil!

Also, if you know you are wrong why can’t you just simply APOLOGISE? Haha… I know, it’s not an easy job to accept our mistakes because we always want ourselves to win and to make the other person guilty right? But, always remember, “Apologizing doesn’t always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego.”

7 Best Tips to Avoid Misunderstanding
  • Don’t Avoid the Situation If it’s a heated argument already and later you realize that whatever you have been doing/ saying/ asking is inappropriate or incorrect then just leaving won’t amend the damage. You cannot simply rise and go somewhere else, it’s not going to change anything rather it will bottle you up with anxiety, anger or maybe, stupidity. It will make the other person realize that you cannot be trusted or your ego problem is much greater than that person. Also, remember that avoiding an argument just because you found yourself wrong will not make it disappear or end in itself, it would bitter the relationship you have with the other person.
  • Try to Understand Their Feelings Too Sometimes, things don’t go our way and the best thing we can still do is to know what the other person was trying to say or express. You cannot be right all time because it’s not the game of winning or losing, it’s the game of LIFE where no one's a winner, but the person who binds one another and lifts each other wins the hearts of people. You only care about yourself, huh? If you go wrong somewhere and the other person is right, it doesn’t mean you have lost something. Understanding each other’s feelings helps humans to grow and succeed. If they are right, then go celebrate with them. Let them know that you are happy because whatever happened between you people is solved, that the argument saved your relationship with that person.
  • Don’t Complicate the Situation We make the situation worse when we bring past mistakes, fights in between an argument. We try to humiliate the person rather than focusing on the current issue. Remember, it’s not between you and the other person but between you and the present issue, and involving the past in it would stretch it up until it ends in the bad condition. Decide, what you want to do; complicate it enough so that it cannot be untangled or just patch up by whatever is left?
  • Express Your Thoughts Try to communicate healthily what you wanted to say or what you feel. It will calm you down and help you vent. Sometimes, a simple conversation turns into an argument where nothing is hundred percent right or wrong. Take a break from it, breathe, relax, drink water and then come back to the person and express what you were thinking.
  • Ego Is Not Equal To Self Esteem We often misunderstand the difference between ego and self-esteem/respect. Ego is validated by putting superiority over another that is backed with arrogance etc whilst, self-esteem is validated by seeing both sides of an argument, not being taken for granted, and graciously accepting victory and defeat. Only, thinking and talking about oneself is Ego, but thinking about the situation, other people, and ourselves is our self-esteem.
  • Accept Your Mistakes If you are wrong somewhere then apologize, tell them that you are guilty and it will not happen again. Accepting mistakes means we are working towards change and we will change for our better self. We will unlearn our earlier teachings and beliefs and learn better things. Suppose, there is an argument between you and your family regarding the kind of friends you have and later on you realize that your friends have been toxic to you several times. Now, if you accept that the kind of friends you had was toxic, you will unlearn the negativity they spread and will try to learn how to make better friends who will create a better environment for you to grow. You will be a better person!
  • Don’t Be Hard On Yourself If you have realized, you were wrong it doesn’t mean you are a shitty person or you cannot do anything right but it means that you know the difference between what’s right and wrong and you are trying to amend it. Despite being hard on yourself, be proud that you made a correct decision afterward and not try to avoid or poison the situation. If you have a toxic friend that doesn’t mean you are toxic or cannot make healthy friends. It also doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to have ‘friends”, it just you chose wrong people and now you are not going to repeat the mistake, you are trying to be friendly and will make healthy friends in your life.

Arguments are a part of human relations. It doesn’t mean that in every relation, there will be tons of arguments. It sometimes helps us to connect better with the other person and makes us understand how social groups form.

It’s okay to be wrong unless and until you are a lawyer and you found out you were fighting for the wrong person the whole time.

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